F&FW: Deja Vu

Former Fox & Friends Weekend headlines reporter Courtney Friel returned to the show Saturday to the delight of her admirers and the discomfit of her detractors. In the final fifteen minutes of the program, the blond beauty reviewed Thanksgiving weekend movies with co-anchors Dave Briggs and Clayton Morris. Then in the final segment, it was F&FW deja vu.

There sat Courtney on the curvy couch with the crew, Dave, Clayton, Rick Reichmuth, and Alisyn Camerota. The salient differences: she was no longer in the retinue of F&FW’s queen, and it was a different queen. (Aly had regained her throne from Ainsley Earhardt.) Recognizing the new reality, Courtney paid the new ruler homage by aping but not rivaling Aly’s regal garb: she wore a very similar beautiful burnt-red dress with decolletage and long-sleeves yet with a longer, less flattering hemline.

As the proverbial credits began to roll, Courtney waved a hopeful goodbye. A hint that FNC Senior VP of Programming Bill Shine is ending his “one-girl” F&F policy? Be she Courtney or another Fox News femme, let us hope so.

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