Rick’s Cooking: Sub Rosa Comment

Something spicy was cooking this morning on Fox & Friends Weekend, and it was not just the turkey leftovers. In Rick Reichmuth’s “Talking Turkey” segment with Chef Alex Guarnaschelli (host of Alex’s Day Off on the Food Network), Alex complimented Rick’s skills in the kitchen. When she  asked him to spoon the hash he was mixing into her pan with frying eggs, she exclaimed, “Oh, fantastic! Look at you! I think you have a future. I think you have a calling. Let me know if you ever need a new gig, you know.”

Joking, Rick rejoined, “I very well might.” Off camera, someone jested something unintelligible to the audience but heard by both Rick and Alex. When Rick laughed heartily in response, Alex, apparently, abashed with arched eyebrows and a raised palm, asserted, “I’m not going to touch that one. I’m just here to cook eggs and talk about leftovers.” Rick chuckled knowingly.

As Amy Vanderbilt might say, “It’s not polite to whisper.” Sub rosa Rick, care to share?

*Fox & Friends Weekend (11/28/09) – @7:42 a.m. ET

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