Single F&F Female

Is that all it takes? If viewers enjoyed Fox & Friends yesterday a little more than usual, they may be asking themselves, “Why?” Perhaps, it is because FNC which proudly embraces the “Fox” in its name was forced to be less miserly in meting them out. With co-anchor Gretchen Carlson in Florida interviewing former gov Sarah Palin, FNC Senior VP of Programming was “forced” to add a second main femme, Alisyn Camerota, to the almost “all boy” club at F&F.

It was a refreshing return to better days when both Aly and Gretchen graced the show daily. The audience was reminded of the time when F&F, weekday and weekend, was more gender proportionate. Then Shine had not yet replaced F&FW’s Ainsley Earhardt with Aly and, subsequently, pared the prominent position of newsreader (which had been aptly held by a female to help balance the second lad on the F&F curvy couch). It was before there was just one girl Gretchen to the duo of F&F boys, Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade and only one lass, Aly, to the F&FW trio of lads, Clayton Morris, Dave Briggs, and Rick Reichmuth.

Bill, a bit more sex parity, please. It’s time to make it Foxes and Friends once again!

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