Zhu Zhu: “Pig,” “Master,” or Both

According to CNN‘s American Morning and the NYT, the cheap, cute Zhu Zhu hamster made in China is the “hottest toy” this holiday season. In fact, American parents are scrambling nationwide to get the popular toy for their little ones in time for Christmas. According to the American toymaker’s founder Russell Hornsby, “zhu zhu” denotes “little pig”: However, babynamescountry.com says that the name “Zhu” means “master or owner.”

Perhaps, Zhu Zhu means both “little pig” and “master master.” If so, it would be a propos. I.e., if American consumers continue to be “little pigs” in their purchases of such Chinese imports (vis-a-vis Chinese consumption of U.S. exports) and America continues to borrow money from China at an ungodly rate, China may well become the “master master.” As Solomon sagely said, “[T]he borrower is servant to the lender.” [Proverbs 22:7] This truth is beginning to sink in for the American people as they see values that their leaders had once clarionly championed, e.g., freedom of religion, human rights, etc., get shorter and shorter shrift in American/Chinese dialogue in tandem with the increase in American indebtedness.

However, even if “Zhu Zhu” merely means “little pigs” as a euphemistic moniker for hamsters as it most probably does, it would do well to remember its other possible meanings. Whether it be a Chinese dig or an ironic name, either (or, in fact, both) can be instructive for Americans and their children as they celebrate this special season and plan for another economically challenging year.

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One Response to “Zhu Zhu: “Pig,” “Master,” or Both”

  1. George Says:

    It means pigs because it’s like a guinea pig. I am Chinese so heed my advice!

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