Kiran: Pumpkin Princess

“34D”: another memorable AM mammary moment! After an airline delay report and a baby panda story, American Morning co-anchor John Roberts opined, “Every time you see a panda, you can’t help but feel good about life.” Kiran replied, “That’s right. They should actually start showing those pandas in all the screens if you’re stuck on the tarmac there…from seat 1A to all the way back down to like 34D.”*

Catching herself a tad too late, Kiran giggled, “Oops! 34D. Anyway.” Interjecting rather randily, meteorologist Rob Marciano remarked, “Spreading the happiness.” Readily, Kiran racily replied, “That’s right. Spreading the love.”

Then as she mischievously turned to her co-anchor John Roberts, John struggled to maintain his composure. He shook his head, smiled broadly and saltily added, “I never sat in that seat.” Saucily tilting her head, Kiran responded, “Me either.”

Looking toward the producer, John asked, “Okay, should we just go to break, or should we actually? No, okay, let’s do the tease.” As he read, “Alright, confusion over the mammogram guidelines, our Dr. Gupta,” Kiran simply looked down and abashedly laughed. Chuckling, John commented, “You just can’t make these things up.”

No, you can’t. In fact, as the segment ended and the camera began to fade, John’s eyes immediately gravitated to Kiran’s ample melons. Gazing appreciatively, he aptly added, “I’m as red as your dress.”

Even after Halloween, the pumpkin princess reigns supreme.

*American Morning – @8:53 a.m. ET

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