Kiran: Puss in Boots?

With her on-screen hubby John Roberts gone today, American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry was back in her single prime. Or, as psychoanalysts might opine, she seemed to “suffer” from the feminine version of the Coolidge effect this morning. The beneficiaries? Her A.M. acolytes.

Yesterday, with the old boy in tow, the Nepalese beauty was rather attractive in her somewhat short teal dress with a modestly plunging neckline. However, today, with T. J. Holmes subbing, Kiran showed her sexier side in a red form-fitting mini and black stiletto-heeled ankle boots. The girl was back: she knew it, and everyone else did as well.

The controversial Puss in Boots? Nah. But, who would mind if she were?

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One Response to “Kiran: Puss in Boots?”

  1. Kep Says:

    Maybe Kiran wore the sexy outfit for co-host T.J. Holmes. These two appear to really like each other.

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