Missing Clayton?

Fans of Fox & Friends Weekend may well have been in for a surprise this morning: co-anchor Clayton Morris was missing from the “curvy couch.” As the show opened, co-host Dave Briggs announced, “Clayton Morris is off for the first time since coming to Fox News almost two years ago.” Oddly, he and fellow co-anchors, Alisyn Camerota and fill-in Peter Johnson, Jr., failed to elaborate. (At the onset of the second hour, Aly merely mentioned that Clayton was “giving a big speech.”)

Happily, however, Clayton had alerted his Twitter followers of his impending absence. Yesterday evening, he Tweeted, “Yes I will be off tomorrow from Fox and Friends…. I’m here at my Alma Mater tonight.” Earlier, he had disclosed, “Arrived in Pittsburgh. Giving a speech tonight at University of Pittsburg. (Nostalgically, he intoned, “Ahhh I haven’t been here since I graduated.”)

Since F&FW producers have run “Get to Know Your Anchor” segments in the past, it seems somewhat strange that they failed to fully inform the viewers about Clayton’s whereabouts. However, happily, Clayton did apprise his Twitter followers. If the reader is not one of them or simply missed his Tweets, the author thought you might want to know.


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5 Responses to “Missing Clayton?”

  1. crispy Says:

    As much as I dislike Clayton and Dave they are a much better choice than Peter Johnson Jr. This guy makes me want to lose my lunch. What wrong with bringing Mike in from Philly to fill in?

  2. jakeho Says:

    Crispy, at least, PJ, Jr., kept his computer screen down & his coffee cup off of the table. As to Mike, he would be a great fill-in. In fact, his old M&J partner Juliet would be as well.

  3. Dave Says:

    The show’s not the same without Clayton. As mentioned before, the show seems different if any one of them: Aly, Clayton, Dave, Rick aren’t on. It’s like Carpe Diem, with someone else commenting instead of Jake. I think they make a great team. Very informative, very entertaining. They’re a fun group. have a good Sunday and week ahead, Jake.

  4. jakeho Says:

    Dave, I agree that F&FW is not the same without Clayton’s zany irreverent take on things. The four seem to be developing a real chemistry and synergy among themselves. Aly continues to whip the ole boys into shape, doesn’t she?

    Thanks for your kind words, Dave. I hope you had a good weekend. Have an even better week.

  5. Reese Says:

    i think clayton is hilarious, not to mention he is a “cute little sugar plum fairy.” just checked on twitter that clayton has an insane amount of followers compared to dave or aly. he seems very popular

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