Kiran in Red

But, not for long! Forbidden religious symbol, “cause” jewelry, or other? Whichever it was,  American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry shed her red bracelet shortly after the opening shot. Perhaps, Jamie Kraft or a subordinate producer whispered in her ear: Regardless, she inexplicably took it off forthwith.

As to “cause” bracelets, co-anchor John Roberts sometimes wears his vivid yellow Lance Armstrong “LiveStrong” cancer awareness one. Ergo, it would make little sense that Kiran could not wear hers. However, she may not have wished to fully embrace that particular cause in public quite yet. (Red bracelets have been associated with AIDS, heart disease, diabetes, cancer awareness, and, bizarrely, even with anorexia (pro). [No the author does not think that Kiran has anorexia nor advocates it.]

With regard to a religious symbol, was Kiran possibly wearing a Kaballah red wristband or, perhaps, a Hindu one? As to Kaballah (a Jewish mystical sect formerly adhered to by her music idol Madonna), she was probably not wearing its red string wristband because it would have been properly worn on her left wrist. As to the Hindu religion, being born in Nepal, “the world’s only Hindu Kingdom she may have been tardily and covertly celebrating the Teej festival (where married women dressed in red “pray for a long life and the well-being of their husbands).” Or, even a subtle salute to her inner Sitka or both.

Did AM’s spicy hostess have a much more mundane motive? Perhaps. Perhaps, not.

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10 Responses to “Kiran in Red”

  1. Tom B. Says:

    What in God’s Name are you talkin’ about?

  2. Kep Says:

    Maybe the bracelet was worn in support of Planned Parenthood. Is there such a thing? IMO, she has always shown herself to be a staunch pro-choicer. Of course, I doubt CNN would have wanted her to take such a bracelet off. Has anyone noticed that Chetry is wearing more appropriate attire lately? No more plunging necklines. Did CNN think that Kiran’s previous wardrobe was driving viewers away? If so, the new clothing isn’t improving the ratings at all. In fact, things have only gotten worse.

  3. jakeho Says:

    Kep, are you suggesting that the higher Kiran’s neckline gets, the lower AM’s ratings go? Perhaps, AM producers will take note.

  4. jakeho Says:

    Tom B., please peruse the post anew. Hopefully, your question(s) will be answered. Otherwise, a soupcon of specificity would be appreciated.

  5. Kep Says:

    Jakeho, If you’ve been checking out the ratings for AM lately, you can’t help but notice that Robin Meade’s morning show is getting very close to AM in total viewers, and over the past few weeks, consistently beats AM in the all important demo numbers. Robin has life, personality and the type of perky attitude that one wants to turn to early in the morning. Plus, her wardrobe is much more attractive. Kiran is over at a stuffy, serious, hard news format cable news station, which is filled with so many anchors and reporters who have exceptional credentials and loads of experience traveling the world to dig out the big stories. Chetry is out of her league over there. They’re trying to make a serious journalist out of Kiran, but when she’s matched up against a Soledad O’Brien, Campbell Brown, Kyra Phillips or Heidi Collins, she just can’t compete. Kiran doesn’t get her hands dirty, and it looks like most of the time she just wants to sit behind that desk, read a prompter full of Democrat Party talking points while watching the paychecks roll in. Roger Ailes knew what he was doing when he refused to be bullied by her ridiculous demands. Kiran wanted the same amount of money as her highly educated and credentialed counterparts, when all she really deserved was the normal pay of a second-stringer, which are a dime a dozen in the news business. So, to sum it all up, the more skin Kiran shows, the higher the ratings will be, because most viewers at CNN aren’t tuning into Kiran for her journalistic excellence or knowledge of domestic or foreign affairs.

  6. jakeho Says:

    Kep, what is your real beef with Kiran? Even if she advocated what you allege on the abortion issue, the same could be said for many if not most of the her CNN colleagues. Furthermore, she more than holds her own with any of her fellow anchors, including her co-host, John Roberts. She’s professional, she’s personable, and she’s got “IT,” like it or not.

  7. Kep Says:

    She may have “IT” as you claim, but it hasn’t translated into viewers flocking to watch her. In my opinion, the way she and her agent conducted their negotiations with Fox was absolutely unprofessional and unethical. Look at the countless others who have been with Fox for many years and still don’t get to headline their own shows. I think that working as a part of a team is very important, and apparently Chetry wasn’t willing to do that.

    I don’t doubt that 99% of the CNN newsroom is pro-choice. That’s a given. But Chetry has always been one to express discomfort when it comes to the mistreatment and abuse of non-human creatures. She would be visibly upset if she thought a little creature was hurt, yet when it comes to abortion, it seems obvious that she supports it, even the late term ones. Go back to June 1st on AM and watch her interview with that proud abortion clinic owner. Kiran paints pro-lifers as those who have a target on clinic operators, and she expresses extreme concern that the availability of late term abortions might become scarce. Chetry let her personal views become part of the interview. I’ve seen more fair interviews on some of the big 3 networks on abortion, and that’s saying something. Chetry seems to hold an extreme view on this, out of the mainstream of the American people. Support abortion all you want, but don’t make yourself look stupid by acting so horrified because a lobster got dropped into boiling water.

  8. rubber bracelets Says:

    We could only assume. Her bracelet may signify a lot of different causes, organizations, religions, and beliefs. But whatever it is that she wants to justify, she has every right to do so.

  9. jakeho Says:

    Kep, as you know there are at least two sides to every story, including the FNC/Chetry one. On one hand, FNC “accused Ms. Chetry’s agent, John Ferriter, of unethical behavior, saying he had demanded that Fox fire its morning news anchor [F&F’s Gretchen Carlson]” (NYT).* On the other hand, “[Ferriter] vehemently denied the charge. (NYT)* (Perhaps, adding clarification, one source, according to the Hollywood Reporter, indicated that she [Kiran] had merely wanted a written clarification whether, and, if so, when she would co-anchor F&F.)**

    To divine Kiran’s abortion and animal rights’ from those two incidents seems unfair: I saw both. First, in her American Morning interview, she asked questions but she never stated her abortion views. Second, in the Fox & Friends segment, Kiran seemed to be feigning horror as to the lobster’s plight. (As voracious an eater as Kiran reportedly is, I hardly can see her refusing a steamed Maine lobster served with hot melted butter.)

    Apparently, you and I seem to have two rather different takes on Kiran.



  10. Kep Says:

    Jakeho, Regarding the lobster, Kiran stated that she loved to eat lobster but didn’t like to see them suffer either. She said something about being a hypocrite because she loved to eat the lobster even though she didn’t like the suffering that the lobster had to go through. In the abortion interview, you are correct, she did not come out and say ” I support abortion”, but her questions to the woman she was interviewing gave her away. If you read the transcript, she very clearly seemed to express fear that late term abortions would become hard to obtain if more violence was committed against abortion providers. And Kiran also asked the lady how it felt to go to work everyday with a “target on your head”. We true pro-lifers do not kill, but Chetry made it sound like we were all just waiting for a chance to take out someone who works at an abortion clinic. Her overly dramatic question was meant to characterize all those who oppose abortion as potential murderers. I also noticed how she didn’t bat a single eyelash when the clinic operator she was interviewing proclaimed that she “loved her work”.

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