Game Gretchen: “Hubby, Daddy”

Today Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Gretchen Carlson gave a saucy “shout-out” to her hubby Casey Close. After co-anchor Steve Doocy defended his use of the term “mommy” for his wife during a “Don’t Say That!” segment (featuring an Esquire article about words a man should never say), Gretchen agreed. She said, “I’ve heard a lot of men do that: My husband hasn’t started that yet.”

As a spicy aside, she playfully pleaded, “Hubby, Daddy, if you’re watching, don’t call me ‘mommy.'” When Brian Kilmeade subsequently asked her if the moniker was a turn-off as a woman, Gretchen responded, “I just said, I just said to my daddy at home, ‘Don’t call me “mommy.”‘”

Apparently, not all of the games in the Close household are on the field.

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One Response to “Game Gretchen: “Hubby, Daddy””

  1. hgb3 Says:

    Here are some more words a man should never say:

    1. Here’s a one year Weight Watchers gift certificate. Happy Birthday!
    2. Oh, your birthday’s not until October, sorry. (in response to the last one.)
    3. Something about you reminds me of Golda Meir.
    4. That’s not the way my ex-wife used to do it!
    5. That’s not the way my grandmother used to do it!

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