Brian Kneads Gretch

During Fox & Friends’ “Stimulating Beauty” segment today, co-host Gretchen Carlson seemed to be naughtily kneaded.* Co-anchor Steve Doocy introduced the story, facetiously declaring, “Brian, I know that it has always been a dream of yours to be a professional massage therapist.” To which, Brian replied, “[I’ve] been an amateur so long.” Meanwhile, only observing and remaining silent, Gretchen grinned broadly.

Continuing his story, Steve stated, “Here’s the good news….Apparently, you can use stimulus money to do just that.” Brian responded, “Really? A lot of people use massages to get stimulated so this is a perfect mix.” Immediately, Gretchen’s eyes bulged and her jaw dropped; trying to regain her composure, she shut her mouth and abashedly placed both her hands over her face; and then she simply looked at Brian and smiling shook her head in utter amazement.

Thereafter, when Steve had finished his account (of the $2.3 million of the federal stimulus money going to training Tampa, Florida, “massage therapists, nail technicians, and hair dressers”), Gretchen guffawed and said, “Excuse me…while I pick up my jaw from Brian’s last comment.” Her randy mental masseur Brian merely chuckled.


*Fox & Friends – 10/19/09 (@8:34 a.m. ET)

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