Kiran: Make No Mistake We Are a Team!

Chris Knowles is no Waldo! Last night Kiran answered forcefully the author’s article “Kiran’s ‘NY Family’: Where’s Chris?” (Kiran was profiled in the October 2009 issue of New York Family and appeared on its cover with her two children but sans her husband Chris.) She assured the author that her hubby is indeed an integral part of her family. To wit, she Tweeted, “[A]ll 4 of us are pictured in the mag. I don’t have control over which shot the mag puts on the cover. Make no mistake we are a team!”

The author certainly understands and appreciates Kiran’s response. In fact, the author had not contended that Kiran herself excluded Chris from the cover but alluded to a possible New York haute monde mentality that the magazine may have manifested. Ergo, in reply, the author Tweeted, “Kiran, I know that u & Chris r a team (& that u didn’t pick the cover shot): I’ve followed u 2 since F&F. Still felt for C.”

A real New York family: Kiran, Maya, Little Chris, AND Chris!

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4 Responses to “Kiran: Make No Mistake We Are a Team!”

  1. Kep Says:

    I always enjoyed Knowles when he was the weather guy on Fox News. Always kind of wondered how he and Kiran have managed to stay together for as long as they have. Chris, for some reason, never struck me as being nearly as liberal as Kiran and certainly not as politically correct. Kiran and Chris have been in a whole new world since they left Fox News, including the big dollar contracts covering everything from CNN to that photo spread of little Chris’ baby photos and exclusive house in the highly sophistocated NYC ‘burbs. Chetry was never going to get anywhere at Fox-the smart conservative women are favored by Ailes and get the prime spots. CNN is the perfect match for Kiran, where she can be with people of like minds. It’s nice to hear that Chris and Kiran are still a team. It’s not easy to do these days, and that goes for any married couple with children, especially those of us who don’t have the big incomes. We all get up early and arrive home late, without the money to hire help to do all of the chores.

  2. M. Davey Says:

    I watched Kiran every morning on F & F and truly enjoyed her. I was very sad to see her go. I do NOT enjoy Gretchen nearly as much, and hope one day Kiran will write a book and include the true story of what happened at Fox. I knew that she would not be out of work, even for a minute, because of her personality and expertise.

    However, I did not ever think that Kiran was ultra-conservative or ultra-liberal. I sort of thought she spoke her own mind on whatever story she was reporting on.

    I was also sad to see Chris go, but I’m certain that it would never have worked with his wife changing amidst a bad situation. I also think it’s great that their marriage has survived with the high-profile that Kiran has. She must have herself really grounded not to get “the big head” and throw her weight around at home. Way to go, Chris and Kiran.

  3. jakeho Says:

    Well said, M. Davey.

  4. Kep Says:

    They may have a happy marriage or they may not have a happy marriage. No one can really know except for them. Their lives no doubt have changed dramatically since Kiran went to CNN. Her salary must be huge, especially since they can apparently afford the big house in a very affluent NYC suburb. Money changes everything, believe me. Plus, she gets to work around the real media elites now, which is not something that she was able to do at Fox. A different life altogether.

    I can’t believe that you said you never saw Kiran come across as ultra-liberal! Come on! She may not be as obviously left wing on money issues, but her comments on social issues speaks volumes. I’m absolutely convinced that Chetry sides with those promoting the gay rights agenda and also those who support unlimited abortion, including late-term like partial birth abortion. That interview she did with that abortion clinic owner gave her away. Remember, this is the woman who got so hot and bothered when Mike Jerrick held a live lobster in his hands, expressing worry that the poor lobster might feel pain. Makes Chetry look very hypocritical, but then again, don’t all liberals value the lives of animals and other small creatures over that of an unborn child? Sure seems that way.

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