Nicole’s Legs: 2 Hot 4 F&FW?

FBN anchor Nicole Petallides was definitely in the Fox & Friends Weekend house this morning. With two different hikes of her skirt she let every red-blooded male viewer know that she was not only there but she was burning it down to boot. In fact, she apparently got a little too hot for the chyron, too.

When co-anchor Clayton Morris eagerly introduced Nicole in F&FW’s first business segment, guest co-host Mike Jerrick stood and gushed, “Oh, there’s Nicole! Ooh, great to see you. Great to meet you! Goodness gracious!” Smiling broadly, she responded, “How are you guys? Good morning!” As she sat down, she pulled back her knee-length dress to more flatteringly reveal her long legs. Subsequently, the camera took appreciative shots of her sexy stems throughout the interview. As that segment ended and co-anchor Alisyn Camerota asked Nicole to stay for another one, the Greek goddess raised the ante and her hem higher, teasing her co-hosts and viewers with a very generous view of her gams.

Apparently, too high for F&FW this morning! When the second segment resumed (with a one-on-one with Mike), the camera generally zoomed in on Nicole’s face or the chyron was kept up, overtly obscuring her lovely legs for most of the interview. But not from Mike’s gaze. As he concluded the segment, he grasped her arm and randily remarked, “This is one that I appreciate. Thank you to Clayton and Aly for just letting us spend some time alone on the couch.” Nicole flirted, “I know. This is really fun.” Interjecting, Clayton commented, “Human resources just called,” and Aly deadpanned, “We’re calling security.”

Once again, Nicole, you got the F&F lads all addled.

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11 Responses to “Nicole’s Legs: 2 Hot 4 F&FW?”

  1. Michelle G Says:

    Don’t know what to think about this one. Who was working who? Sounds like Nicole was the one in control. But honestly, I saw the segment and didn’t pick up on any of this. Aly and Clayton must have picked up the pheromones in the air.

  2. Media Ho' Says:

    Behold the powers of the “curvy couch”.
    The smart and savvy Fox babes are keenly aware that a guest shot on F&F is a prime opportunity to show off their gams.
    Carpe Diem ladies.

  3. Lynn K Says:

    I was one of those red-blooded male viewers who saw that show and enjoyed it immensly. Nicole sure did pull that skirt up and you couldn’t miss it. My eyes were glued on her. She’s gorgeous. Without a doubt the most attractive news lady on cable news today and by the way she does an excellent job of that also.

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  7. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t all the Fox female anchors wear short skirts and/or pull their skirts up?

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  11. psubill Says:

    nicole should sit next to brooke baldwin. then the sparks would fly. fox vs cnn. ill bet on brooke, any takers?

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