Legs & Lips

Today American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry wanted Jay Leno to take a look–a good long look–at her legs. On the “Jay Leno Show” Monday, Jay joked about AM co-anchor John Robert’s “foot fetish” which showed “John” wearing high heels and “Kiran” wearing stilettos. After Kiran complained the next day that Jay had not shown her actual legs, Jay decided to have fun again last night–this time at Kiran’s expense: He reran the doctored AM clip and showed “Kiran” legs as hirsute, to put it charitably.

After AM aired the latest Jay Leno clip this morning, Kiran good-naturedly responded, “There are times when you don’t always shave as frequently as you want but those were not my legs! Those were not my legs either!” To the cameraman, she asked, “Can we do another one, please?” To Jay, she purred, “This is for you, Jay.”

Then as the camera slowly panned down for a closeup of her gorgeous gams which she revealed in her short black skirt, Kiran seductively cooed, “These, these are my legs!” Between her feet adorned in open-toed black stilettoes was a picture of Jay surrounded by a pink lipstick heart and a kiss mark firmly planted on his cheek.

Smiling and rolling his eyes, John interjected, “And those, too, are her lips on your cheek.” Kiran assured, “They are. Love you, Jay.” She added, “Thanks for having fun with us. We’re having fun with you, too.”

Legs and lipstick! Fun in the A.M.!

P.S. Kiran, Jay remembers.

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2 Responses to “Legs & Lips”

  1. Kiran’s “Gams”: Leno Looking? « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] not include her real legs, Jay took another peek at “Kiran’s” hairy stems. Then Kiran responded with a closeup of her lovely legs (and a pink lipstick […]

  2. Diem Fix Says:

    There’s no doubt that Kiran is a beautiful woman, but what’s the all the mini-skirts and stiletto heels? First off, this is a news program, not a club scene. I fail to see the dignity in this wardrobe choice. And secondly, even if it WAS a club scene, her legs are dreadfully skinny. The girl can afford to eat a cookie…or twelve. The other day, she was standing awkwardly on camera like a newborn foal. CNN is tarnishing its reputation with the glorification of this woman’s “parts.” I honestly don’t remember this being the case with the genuine (and gorgeous) Soledad O’Brien.

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