Kiran: “Hard to Be Fully Dressed”

American Morning co-anchor John Roberts’ “secret” got “exposed” last night on the “Jay Leno Show.” (Once again, Jay’s looking at Kiran’s gams.) In his monologue on the “Jay Leno Show,” Jay poked fun at AM co-anchor John Robert’s “foot fetish.” Doctoring last Thursday’s AM when co-anchor John Roberts had the camera pan down to show co-host Kiran Chetry’s feet, Jay zoomed in on “John’s” stilettos, too. (Oddly, in Jay’s version, Kiran’s heels and legs were not her own either.)

In response today, John announced a new daily AM segment that he entitled, “What’s Under the Table?” John asked, “Can we have a look?” As the cameraman shot under the desk, Kiran remarked, “Aha! Christine [Romans] has got on some jeans today.” [Ironically, in last Thursday’s very show, Kiran revealed that Christine often wears jeans in the six o’clock hour but Christine added that she had not been caught: Today, she was.]

Kiran continued, “I laugh because, you know, at six o’clock in the morning it’s hard to be fully dressed.” Turning to the audience with widened eyes, Christine exclaimed, “Well, Kiran!” Kiran explained, “What I’m saying is the earrings come on maybe at 6:20 [and] Christine changes into a skirt at maybe 7:05….It’s early!”

John reminded viewers, “We’re adding features daily. We’ve got ‘Romans’ Numeral’…and now we’ll have ‘What’s Under the Desk?'”

Tune in, fans. You never know what your favorite co-host or correspondent will be wearing–or, not wearing!”

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3 Responses to “Kiran: “Hard to Be Fully Dressed””

  1. Kep Says:

    You know, when you compare Kiran to Gretchen Carlson, it really is easy to see why the Fox people were not going to give the Fox and Friends gig to her. Kiran is childish. I don’t know how many years separate these two women, but Gretchen has so much more substance and acts like a real adult. I think Fox was looking for a host that many of their viewers could identify with when it comes to values and morals. Kiran just wants to laugh and make silly school girl comments. Typical lefty. The threesome of Roberts, Chetry and Romans is a perfect example of the blatant Obama butt kissing that seems to be rampant on certain channels.

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