Christine Romans: “Screwed”

Salty Christine! Only two months after letting “s*ck” slip on air (July 29),* the beautiful American Morning business correspondent uttered yet another “s” word last Thursday. As Christine was bemoaning the banks’ usurious charges to overdrawn customers, she became more and more incensed as she rattled off the fees. In an ad lib aside to these poor souls, she cautioned, “Don’t bounce, don’t bounce checks! You can’t. You’re gonna get screwed!”

As her segment ended, Christine looked at co-host John Roberts and meekly asked, “You can say “screwed” on tv, right? As co-host Kiran Chetry chuckled and put her head in her hands, a smiling, semi-stoic John answered, “I guess.” Kiran jested, “I hope the kids are watching Barney.” Christine replied, “It’s 7:25: they should be getting ready for school.”

John added, “But, you [Christine] say it in such, a sort of innocent way. If I said it, I would get in a lot of trouble. To which Kiran responded, “Now you [John] resort to hand gestures. Knowingly, John and Christine heartily laughed.**

In answer to Christine’s question, AM appeared to respond, “Yes, you can!”: Christine guest-hosted AM the very next morning.


**[For the unaware viewer: Just earlier this week, after a Jason Carroll story, John promo’d an upcoming segment about often loathsome folks (data gatherers?) with an apparent “up yours” hand gesture.]

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