Oops! John Did It Again!

American Morning co-host John Roberts stretched the morning news language envelope yet again. As he read a headline story (on cell phone risks), he said, “This is a long ass question.”* Co-anchor Kiran Chetry interjected, “For everybody laughing out there, he said, ‘Long asked question.'”

They both chuckled heartily. Continuing, John stated, “A long other question is one that’s often asked in a courtroom or in Congress.” However, sweetly belying their earlier assertions, Kiran looked at John sympathetically and commiserated, “It’s early! What are you gonna do?”


*A.M. (09/09/09) – @8:28 a.m. ET


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One Response to “Oops! John Did It Again!”

  1. lesskiran Says:

    JR can ask me a long ass question any time he wants!!!

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