Sivan’s “Tramp Stamp”

Lovely Lauren Sivan, FNC’s overnight anchor, treated her fans to a return appearance on Red Eye very early this Tuesday morning. For those who missed RE last Friday night the self-dubbed “Dancing Shiva” exhibited her exotic exercises in wanton work-out wear to a rather rapt audience during the “Yoga News” segment. In fact, one titillated Twitter follower was so hyped that he linked her to hi-def caps of her performance. In response, the towhead temptress Tweeted, “Thank You! I will either get promoted or fired for this:).”

In RE’s “Male Time,” host Greg Gutfeld read a letter from another enraptured viewer who said, “I caught one look at the tattoo on Lauren Sivan’s lower back and lost every memory I had.” Thereafter, Greg declared, “Laura,…we got a lot of mail on this segment and most of it was about how awesome you are and, of course, how awesome that lower tattoo is on your back–that lower back tattoo.” Lauren deadpanned, “I think your viewers refer to it as a ‘tramp stamp.'”

Greg replied, “No, no. What does the tattoo mean?” Lauren explained, “I’m a[n] Aries, and, so, it’s my astrological sign.” Before  continuing, she cautioned, “To the kids watching out there, this is what happens when you choose a tattoo at the age of eighteen.” Then Lauren further elaborated, “On my birthday, I ran out and got it. And, you really don’t know that later you’ll be doing “Yoga News” and all of America will see it. You think you put it in a hidden spot: No!”

Randily, RE second banana Bill Shultz exclaimed, “I’ll tell you something, Lauren. You’ve got a great Aries!” Greg agreed, “Yeah.” Lauren laughed, “Thank you.”

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11 Responses to “Sivan’s “Tramp Stamp””

  1. hgb3 Says:

    Great, J, just great….now my entire respiratory system is shot for at least a month. I’ll send you the bill for the oxygen tank I had to rent from the local hospital.

  2. jakeho Says:

    Hgb3, a simple brown paper bag did not suffice?

  3. It`sMe Says:

    I hear she is the girlfriend of a male anchor who hosts sex parties at his home? Dont want to say any names! So who is her man?

    Last time I posted it was deleted because of what I said? along the same lines. On Juliet Huddy. So I dont want to say to much.

    Let`s see if this sticks?

  4. Tom B. Says:

    Rick Leventhal? Sex parties… Tricky Ricky is on the up and up.

  5. Rick Salter Says:

    I don’t understand why beautiful women feel the need to mark thier bodies with tramp stamps or other tattoos.

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  8. Lynn Krill Says:

    I wonder if Lauren has any tattoos any place else she is willing to show us. What a sexy lady!!! Call her what you want. She has one very gorgeous body and plenty of it in all the right places.

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  10. chris Says:

    Did anyone know Lauren’s real love was her trainer in NYC?

  11. chris Says:

    her latin personal trainer

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