Bad Boy Briggs?

Miss Universe 2009 Stefania Fernandez had Fox & Friends guest host Dave Briggs at her beck and call this morning. And, she knew it. Apparently, unable to contain his excitement, the ever ring-less Dave Tweeted about her three times* and posted their pic together.** (Speaking of, watch that right hand now, Dave!) In return, the Venezuelan beauty queen seemed not to mind: in fact, she seemed somewhat to revel in his obvious obsequience.

As the segment began with a beaming Dave quite close to the leggy, brunette beauty on the couch, Gretchen said, “I’m going to let Dave do this because he gets to sit right next to her.” Before introducing the Latin lovely, Dave declared, “Right. I’m so glad that Steve’s off: I’m going to e-mail Steve Doocy this morning.” Then tenderly touching her shoulder, he teased her about her tiara falling off during the post-crowning celebration.

Throughout the interview, Dave could not seem to keep his eyes off of her or to restrain his grinning. As he concluded the segment, he simply said, “Stefania Fernandez, congratulations!” Coquettishly, tilting her head toward him, she gave him an audible air kiss, cooing, “Muuah!”  When Gretchen, in response, exclaimed, “Ooh!” Dave beamed broadly and turned toward Stefania with randily raised eyebrows: Stefania coyly turned away and giggled.”

Dave, Dave!



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3 Responses to “Bad Boy Briggs?”

  1. Dave Says:


    That was a great segment. Dave B did a good job. I was lucky enough to meet Stefania’s predecessor Dayana Mendoza last year. Miss Universe 2008 turned me into a babbling fool. I could not say anything coherent. And as for the nonstop grinning – you just can’t help it lol! I was beaming for days afterwards. Actually I still am.

  2. jakeho Says:

    Dave, it was indeed an entertaining segment. As to meeting Dayana, sweet! Such sirens do tend to make us mere mortals more manifestly such.

  3. “Princess” Dave’s Ring « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] license a few months thereafter. Perhaps, she wanted to make sure that such guests as the incredibly sexy Miss Universe 2009 Stefania Fernandez and suddenly single guest co-hosts Ainsley Earhardt knew that her boy was “off the […]

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