Happy Birthday, Kiran! Really.

Today American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry seemed to be in mourning not only for the liberal lion of the Senate but also for herself. Clad in a modest green top and a dark dreary jacket, the somber Nepalese beauty appeared not quite ready to celebrate her sixth anniversary of her 29th birthday. In fact, the only Twitter well-wisher she acknowledged was one who said, “Happy 21st birthday, Kiran!”* Appreciatively, she simply answered, “Thank you!”**

Kiran, fear not! Mother Nature has been very kind to you. You are not merely getting better with age: You are ageless.



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One Response to “Happy Birthday, Kiran! Really.”

  1. bonniebooks Says:

    Hi Jake,

    She looks great. Like you said, she’s got nothing to worry about. She keeps on getting better. Happy belated birthday to Kiran.

    Dave S

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