Hottie Huddy Reappears

FNC’s Juliet Huddy dumped her frump front last night in her return to Red Eye. Perhaps, responding to the author and her Twitter followers, she jettisoned her “priggish schoolmarm” attire (e.g., Live Desk Tuesday) and her very caz jeans-and-shoes style (a la an earlier RE appearance).* In their stead, the blond beauty re-embraced her hottie look: Juliet sported a sexy short, sleeveless golden dress and matching chic tall, strappy stilettos.

Perhaps, not so ironically, Juliet appeared on Red Eye just hours before her former FOX Morning Show with Mike and Juliet co-star Mike Jerrick made his triumphant return to Fox & Friends Weekend. Apparently, she wanted to remind her fans that she’s back, too. And in rare form.



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3 Responses to “Hottie Huddy Reappears”

  1. M. Davey Says:

    Juliet was always a favorite of mine, as was Laurie Dhue. I am glad to see one of them back. Juliet has always, in my opinion, been a bit of a “bad girl” or should I say “mischievous” girl. She’s just having fun.
    I notice that all the girls glam up for Red Eye. Patti Ann Brown always looks glamorous. That is a fun show, which surprises me that I say that, because it is a totally silly show, but full of a lot of truths and does amuse me. I’m used to the news, so I have trouble getting past jokes about the news.
    I guess this is why so many people follow those “other guys” on the comedy channel. They think it’s actually news.
    Anyway, we’re glad Juliet is back and wish only good things for her.

  2. jakeho Says:

    M. Davey, Juliet is definitely a fun-loving girl. As to glamming on RE, she had looked much too caz in an earlier appearance. With regard to PAB, she surely ratchets it up a notch or two from her usual drab daytime fare.

  3. lilkunta Says:

    I liked her show “Mike & Juliet”. I wish it were still on. Regis is annoying.

    I read this :

    WHAT HAPPENED? Separated after 4mo?

    On the last few eps of Morning Show M&J she was credited as “Juliet Barret”, so is this no more? SHe is back to being Juliet Huddy?

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