F&FW 2day: Past or Future?

“I like [M]ike!” For long-time fans of Fox & Friends Weekend, the return of former F&FW co-anchor Mike Jerrick was a welcome blast from the past. The “old master” showed that he still had the goods, i.e., a wicked wit, audacious ad libbing, and a real rapport with the audience.

Today was a delightful amalgam of the various incarnations of F&FW (save the Page Hopkins, Kelly Wright, and Greg Kelly one). Mike represented the first (Mike, Juliet Huddy, and Julian Phillips); Alisyn Camerota the second (Aly, Kiran Chetry, and Julian Phillips); and Clayton Morris the penultimate one (Clayton, Ainsley Earhardt, and Dave Briggs). Of course, F&FW has had various other manifestations that were too fleeting to mention.

Today Mike, Aly, and Clayton informed and entertained the viewer seamlessly. It was as it should be–especially, on the weekend. No self-absorption, cause celebres, or excessive emotiveness. They simply allowed their audience to sit back and enjoy their coffee, mimosa, or other fave bev.

Bravo, Aly and the boys!

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3 Responses to “F&FW 2day: Past or Future?”

  1. Bill Says:

    It was terrific. I especially like Mike and Aly. They are great together.
    Wouldn’t it be nice to have Juliet back as well.

  2. Mary Says:

    Where can we Fox to change the lineup for the weekends? I agree Mike, Ali, and Juliet.

  3. CathyG Says:

    It was a great couple of days. Mike brings a much needed level of maturity to the show. Am slowly warming to Dave Briggs but concur that Juliet would be the preferred third wheel. She has a smart, intelligent and earthy sense of humour that is far preferable to the somewhat juvenile antics of Clayton.

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