Clayton’s “Hot Wife” Disappears

Where was Sara Morris today? Has Clayton’s “hot wife” ensconced herself in Dick Cheney’s bunker? When Clayton’s co-hosts Dave Briggs and Alisyn Camerota discussed their spouses* during a Fox & Friends Weekend “Love & Marriage” story, Clayton stayed strangely silent about his sweetie.

As Dave, Aly, and Clayton conversed about the trend of men taking their wives’ surnames, they began to share their own accounts. Dave revealed that his wife Brandi Moreland took his last name but kept her surname legally. When Dave queried, “You, Clayton?”, Clayton, deftly deflected his question by asking of Aly, “What about Tim?”

Aly explained, “Well, Camerota is my maiden name, and I have kept it but not for any sort of feminist thing. It’s because it’s my last grasp at my Italian ethnicity….Tim is not Italian. Had I married an Italian guy I would have taken his name but I cling to Camerota because it’s so diluted, the bloodlines.”

Then when Clayton’s turn arrived again, he jested, “No, I was going to take the last name of Paris Hilton–is my wife…So my name would have been Clayton Hilton but, you know, it didn’t happen.”

Almost a year to the day when Clayton proudly displayed his shark-snagging, bikini-clad beloved on F&FW without her permission, Clayton hid her away today. Seemingly, Sara has had a word with him.

*Dave’s wife: Brandi Moreland – F&FW (08/08/09) – 8:41 a.m. ET

*Alisyn’s hubby: Tim Lewis –

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4 Responses to “Clayton’s “Hot Wife” Disappears”

  1. Dave Says:

    Guess she would prefer to be out of the spotlight. He didn’t have permission to show her pic? Hope he didn’t get himself into too much trouble. Another great post, Jake.

  2. Kep Says:

    I thought it odd that Clayton didn’t mention anything about his wife as well, but then again, I wasn’t aware of the backstory on Clayton and the showing of a picture of his wife. One thing is for sure tho’, I have really come to like the current weekend hosts. Alisyn, Dave and Clayton mesh really well together. At first, the pairing of this group seemed headed for disaster, but as time has gone along, they’ve all grown on me!

  3. jakeho Says:

    Dave, maybe, not that much spotlight. Thanks.

    Kep, you’re not alone: As they’ve grown together, they’ve grown on their viewers.

  4. M. Davey Says:

    Alas, I must eat my words. I thought Clayton would never work out! He was like a cat on a hot tin roof, covering up you know what! He has proven me wrong about him, and made me reserve my judgment about any other new people who appear. He seems to be the tekkie on the show and loves gadgets. I love gadgets also, but know nothing about them, so his segments appeal to me.
    Now, I’ve begun to think that Alysyn talks too much and Dave, too. Are they trying to hurry and say something so that Clayton can’t say something inane? Alysyn is just talking, talking, talking, much like Gretchen in the morning. I am getting a headache.
    I was very glad, however, to notice that she lightened her hair and it looks super. I suggested that and would like to think I actually made a valid point.
    F&FW is a great show and I would watch no other. I am so dumbfounded that the people who are getting no real news from the other networks, just prefer to call Fox News people liars, rather that realize their news is being censored. How could they stand that.
    I am also trying to instruct my grandson (17) in the art of newswatching.
    Catch phrases, word of the day, etc. He has begun to see that Fox is a great network and if they do report something that is not 100% correct, they issue a statement saying so.
    Great going Fox (and I sure got off the subject didn’t I?)

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