Carpe Diem: “Princess” Dave’s Pea?

Is Carpe Diem not letting Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Dave Briggs rest easy? Apparently, not. After Carpe Diem held Dave’s feet to the fire for ignoring his Twitter followers for almost three weeks, Dave tried to explain in a story on Sarah Palin’s mysterious Facebook and Twitter silence.* [Earlier in segment on the same topic, co-anchor Clayton Morris had jested, “Speaking of Twitter, I’m Clayton Morris on Twitter. Go there and let me know [viewer’s opinion): I’ll respond whereas Dave won’t.”]

As Dave commiserated with Palin’s plight, he said, “I happily let go of the social networking: I’m kind of a weekend Twitterer.” When co-anchor Alisyn Camerota teased, “But your legion of fans are not clamoring  for you to get back on Twitter,” Dave answered, “In fact, I was getting grief for not responding on Twitter recently…so I got back in the game.”* [Seemingly, he was responding directly to Carpe Diem “Dave Clams Up” and the author’s Tweet which had implored Dave to do just that, i.e., “Get back in the game!”]**

As an aside, Dave seems to be still smarting from Carpe Diem’s coverage of his Jay Leno moment of infamy where he alleged checked out the derrieres of Ainsley Earhardt and Janice Dean.*** After copious prior Tweets to the author, Dave’s has yet to respond to the author’s Tweets since May 31, 2009, when he defended himself in a three-part Tweet, infra.**** In a seemingly intentional slight with a rather humorous hue, the apparently still peeved self-proclaimed “Princess” pointedly thanked every single Twitter follower (save one, i.e., the author) for their anniversary best wishes.*****

Dave, the author is glad that you’re “back in the game.” As to any bruised ego, as the F&F producers joke, “Walk it off!” The author has no animus toward you, and, hopefully, you’ll harbor none toward him either. Once again, happy anniversary to you and Brandi!

*F&F (08/02/09) – 8:39 a.m. ET




****It read, “I think the weekday embarrassed me enough for one week. I would actually like to point out what I WAS looking at and it wasn’t #%+. [S]eriously it wasn’t food but my producer at that very moment was telling me ‘get in the shot’ and I was looking for an opening. I know that sounds like BS but I would admit looking at a beautiful woman if in fact I was! Leno is funny, how he caught [sic] is bizarre.”


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One Response to “Carpe Diem: “Princess” Dave’s Pea?”

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