Megyn’s Prime Time Ego?

America’s Newsroom co-host Megyn Kelly has not only a turgid tummy but also, apparently, an ego to match. Prime time on her mind?

Today after a Michael-Jackson-death story with former LAPD detective Mark Furman and an intervening segment, Megyn displayed an NYPD shirt and said, “Let’s just show them [viewers] what we’re doing. Mark [Furman] is still here…and his wife’s name is Kelly. And he has gotten [sic] Sean Hannity and me to sign a shirt for his wife Kelly.* What a sweet husband [Mark] you are!

Seemingly surprised by Megyn’s remark, Mark meekly replied, “Ah! Thank you.” Megyn laughed, “He didn’t ask for you, Bill.” When Hemmer retorted, “Oh, that’s okay,” Megyn answered, “Just kidding: we’re gonna do that next.”

Despite Megyn’s follow-up response, her first one sounded more sincere. And, pregnant with meaning. Perhaps, she deems herself more than ready to follow Sean into the prime time line-up and give birth to her own show if and when Greta van Susteren’s contract is not renewed.

*Sean Hannity’s autograph declared “To Kelly A “Great American” Sean Hannity,” whereas Megyn’s  proclaimed, “Kelly’s Rule! You go girl–xoxo Megyn Kelly.”


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