Domenica’s Bosom Mike

FNC meteorologist Domenica Davis shared a rather intimate weather report today on Happening Now.  To set the stage: the Italian delight was having trouble throughout her segment being heard over the static as an ill-attached microphone rubbed against her.  When she began to conclude her report, her “irascible” mike gave her an even harder time: it took that plunge. Yes, deep into her cleavage.*

When it did, Domenica looked down at her bosom, abashedly tried to button her blouse, and softly exclaimed, “Oops!” HN guest co-host Gregg Jarrett said, “Nice sound effects, Domenica.” Giggling, HN co-anchor Jane Skinner saucily asked, “Where did it go?” Rolling his eyes, Gregg rejoined, “I think  Domenica lost that little lavalier microphone down some place.” Jane pertly responded, “Wouldn’t you like to know?” Gregg admitted, “Yeah, and added, “Now, I’m paying attention!”


Update: No problem, J$P. Thanks for the vid.**

*Happening Now (07/29/09) – 11:33 a.m. ET


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3 Responses to “Domenica’s Bosom Mike”

  1. NoOne Says:

    Inanimate objects just have so much fun :-)

    Domenica Davis, little weather girl.

  2. Dave Says:

    I missed this? Oh, man!

  3. greg Says:

    Oh what a beautiful bosom, oh what a beautiful Domenica…..

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