Mr. October Disses Dave

Poor Dave Briggs! As the Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor continued his coverage of MLB’s upcoming 2009 All-Star Game, he got dissed somewhat by one of baseball’s giants, Mr. October.* When Dave introduced his F&F segment with the New York Yankee great Reggie Jackson and Big Red Machine stand-out Ken Griffey, Reggie (turning to Griffey and pointing to Dave) mouthed, “What’s his [Brigg’s] name?” Griffey quietly answered, “Dave. Dave.”

Regrettably, Reggie added something sub rosa. Amused, good guy Griffey smiled broadly and shut his eyes tightly. In an apparent attempt to regain his composure, Griffey looked down and softly clapped his hands.

Happily, Dave did not seem to notice, and, subsequently, ticked off the storied accomplishments of Reggie and Griffey. However, maybe, Dave did pick up on something: perhaps, piqued, in his first question to Mr. October, he rather familiarly called Reggie, “Regg.”

Don’t feel bad, Reggie: You wouldn’t be the first to confuse Dave with his Doublemen twin. As Dave aptly Tweeted yesterday, “I’m in St. Louis and still can’t get away from Clayton [Morris].”**

*7:37 a.m. ET


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