Juliet: Not a Good Day

Another very sad parting for Juliet Huddy! Just this last Tuesday, the comely co-host of the Morning Show with Mike & Juliet, Tweeted that she was “getting really sad about last week of MandJ. [S]tarting to cry for no reason.”* On the very same day she also revealed on KiddShow.com that her five-month-old marriage to Doug Barrett was over.** And, today, the coup de grace: she ended her long-time, on-air partnership with with Mike Jerrick in their last show together.

As Juliet’s dear friend Julie Roginsky aptly observed, “So sad.”*** However, Juliet’s FNC fans have been heartened by her recent guest appearances on Fox & Friends and Red Eye: It appears that Bill Shine, FNC programming veep, is reintroducing her to the cable news network’s audience. Perhaps, she will return as a presence on F&F or F&FW in some capacity; team up with Bill Hemmer on America’s Newsroom (if Megyn Kelly replaces Greta van Susteren)****; or even join the lonely Shepard Smith in Studio B.

Cheer up, Juliet! Remember, “tomorrow is another day.” See you in the mornings?


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8 Responses to “Juliet: Not a Good Day”

  1. icn2 Says:

    You don’t know the whole story. I can’t tell you the whole story. But I would be very surprised to see Juliet Huddy with a full time job at FNC ever…

  2. jakeho Says:

    Icn2, please share, at least, some of this story.

  3. icn2 Says:

    I can’t. It goes into the personal realm and that sort of stuff is strictly off topic for me.

  4. jakeho Says:

    No prob, Icn2. However, I hope that you are wrong as to Juliet on FNC in the future.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    cheating on your husband and “pAArtying” will do that for ya

  6. Al Says:

    Miss Huddy is credited on tonight’s Red Eye as “Reporter, Fox News”.

  7. Sam Lee Says:

    I shed not a tear. She cheated on hubby before they were married. Even better her co-host covered for her.

  8. lilkunta Says:

    @ icn2: If u rnt gonna share dont tease us.
    Plus this is the internet, anything u post is anon & wont be traced back 2 u.

    @ SamLee: Proof? If she cheated on Doug b4 marrying y did he marry her? & I dont believe JH was partying after marriage as she said over & over she wants 2 have kids. So I think she’d be home under her man DougBh tryna get pregnant.

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