Gretch: Are They Real?

It’s Complicated: maybe, not. In her interview with reality series star Denise Richards, F&F co-host Gretchen Carlson brazenly queried, “Some people want to know, true or false, since you do reveal a lot about your life on television–your anatomy? Denise replied, “What about it?” Adding some needed levity, co-anchor Brian Kilmeade asked, “Have one?”

Laughing, Denise responded, “Howard Stern asked: I imagine you’re referring to a certain part of my body if they are fake or real.”* Pointing to her breasts, she chuckled, “The fun bags!” She continued, “The outside is natural and the inside is not.” Gretchen guffawed, “That’s a good answer!”

For inquiring minds who want to know Denise, there’s Fox & Friends. Of course, for inquiring eyes who want to see her, there’s Playboy.**


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