My Name’s Ainsley, Dave!

Ironically, on Memorial Day, Fox & Friends co-host Dave Briggs did not remember his “fallen” colleague this morning. As he segued from the Pundit Pit to his F&F co-anchors, he said, “Let’s get out to Clayton [Morris] and Alisyn [Camerota] with a look at what’s coming up on the show. Guys!” Feigning offense, former F&FW co-anchor and today’s F&F guest host Ainsley Earhardt declared, “My name’s Ainsley, Dave!”

Chagrined, Dave replied, “Did I say Alisyn? I apologize.” Ainsley smiled, “That’s alright: that’s okay.” Standing safely behind Ainsley, Clayton sub rosa aptly asked, “How could you forget?” Turning to the camera, a grinning Dave explained, “Old habits.”

Don’t bring those up, Dave! As many F&FW fans remember, those did not fare well for the then callow line-up of Ainsley, Dave, and Clayton. However, together again, the three seemed to have embraced more welcome wonts: They were smarter, sharper, and edgier.

Happy Memorial Day!

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One Response to “My Name’s Ainsley, Dave!”

  1. Toolman Says:

    Did anyone notice that Ainsley left her wedding ring home today?

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