“All About Megyn”: Fox Redux?

Carpe Diem told you, Greta, that you better watch out! Now, the New York Times, apparently, is sounding a similar alarm. I.e., your On the Record “understudy” Megyn Kelly may be your Eve.

According to the NYT, Greta van Susteren’s contract with Fox News is completed next year. Although she regularly beats CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, she lags her more opinionated FNC brethren Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and newcomer Glenn Beck. If Greta is not retained, some have speculated that Beck might be moved from his 5:00 p.m. ET slot to Greta’s prime time one: however, three NYT sources privy to the deliberations indicate that Megyn Kelly would be the prime candidate for the position.

Not surprising. As America’s Newsroom co-anchor, Kelly has exhibited a sharp, witty, and saucy side. On the O’Reilly Factor, she has shown her ability to go head-to-head with FNC’s cable king and often best him. Finally, in her guest host appearances she has manifested that she has the personality, presence, and gravitas to successfully to rule the hour.

Tip of the hat, TVNewser.






UPDATE: Gretchen’s non-reponse. Cf. http://gretawire.foxnews.com/2009/05/25/some-tongue-in-cheek-fun-with-the-media-this-memorial-day-weekend/

Thanks for the “heads up,” J$P.

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3 Responses to ““All About Megyn”: Fox Redux?”

  1. motownman Says:

    I easily could see that happen after Megyn returns from her maternity leave
    Move Gretchen to AN when Megyn goes on maternity leave and put Ainsley on F&F, then when Megyn comes back just put her in prime time

  2. Foxfan4life Says:

    No, her and Bill are a good combo. Their like Peas and Carrots.

  3. Foxfan4life Says:

    Why is it A lady stun guns a lady in the neck for a second and gets five years but a child rapist gets one year. There’s a huge problem with this. And a stun gun is not deadly/ nor is a tazer!

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