CNN Insider: De La Cruz Fundraiser Legit

No, it’s not a hoax! According to a well-placed CNN source and former colleague of former CNN correspondent Veronica De La Cruz, her tireless Twitter fundraiser for her fifteen-year-old brother Eric is indeed legit. He/she added, “Her mother is sick too.” (He/she seemed to be reassuring this Twitterer of Veronica’s veracity in view of another Twitterer’s apparent aggressive investigation thereof.)

When the author was alerted to Veronica’s fight for her only sibling’s life, he began following her Tweets and checked her links and “following.” The initial links appeared peripheral to Veronica (e.g., a fan club site with purportedly personal postings) and the following seemed to not include many CNN personalities. Thus, the author became all the more skeptical since he had not seen any coverage of Eric’s struggle on CNN.

Therefore, the author inquired of CNN as to whether Veronica’s fundraiser for Eric was authentic and was assured that it was. However, it seems interesting that her former show, American Morning, has not made more of the personal plight of one of its former correspondents. Perhaps, it will in the not too distant future.


American Morning meteorologist Rob Marciano Tweets his support of Veronica’s fundraising efforts for her brother Eric.

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