Dancing Queen: Janice Dean

Today Fox & Friends co-host Alisyn Camerota, “Baby Got Back” dancing queen, threw her tiara to Janice Dean, the “Weather Machine.” After the author bemoaned Aly’s unexpected refusal yesterday to bust a full-body Thriller move at meteorologist Rick Reichmuth’s request, happily, F&F did another Burger King/Spongebob “I Like Square Butts” ad segment.* However, this time Aly and her co-anchor Dave Briggs remained sitting on the curvy couch while moving to the music and Clayton just sat there with eyes impishly askance.

Nevertheless, when the trio segued to the maternal meteorologist on the sidewalk outside the studio, she began to gyrate sans music while doing some of her signature steps. After she gave her weather report, she again jauntily jigged without an air and laughed, “Where’s the music?” When the producers finally piped out Sir Mix-A-Lot’s tune, Janice really started shaking her groove thing a la her ante-mom days.

Janice Dean: Baby Got Back!



*F&FW (05/17/09) – @8:39 a.m. ET

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One Response to “Dancing Queen: Janice Dean”

  1. Media Ho' Says:

    During JD’s WX updates she is on camera from the waist up. That’s a shame cuz’ she has absolutely gorgeous legs.
    JD hosted F&F on x-mas day 2007 and she wore a very skimpy skirt, suffice to say she put on an awesome leg show so hot & sexy the Rockette’s were envious.
    Her co host hinted she should tone it down, JD laughed and mocked him with a slow & sultry leg cross.
    It was obvious she was getting very turned on by teasing everyone and the come hither look in her eyes was alluring & enticing.
    The WX Machine was workin’ it…….

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