Colmes: Dave, “Don’t Say That to Me!”

Did Alan Colmes leave Hannity & Colmes with his ego fully intact? His performance on Fox & Friends Weekend in his interview with co-anchor Dave Briggs might call that into question. In a quite contentious segment on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s future, Colmes took issue sharply with Briggs’ assertions that the Speaker was losing credibility with her evolving tale of her C.I.A. waterboard briefing, that either C.I.A. chief Leon Panetta or Speaker Pelosi was lying, etc. Nothing necessarily out of the ordinary.

However, when Briggs asserted that Colmes was not answering his query as to whether Pelosi should have investigated whether the waterboarding was actually occurring if she did not already know, Colmes snapped. Taking obvious offense to a grinning Briggs with arms crossed, Colmes severely and sonorous retorted, “Stop that! Don’t tell me about answering your question. I’m answering your question. Don’t say that to me!”

After laughing in response, Briggs began to realize that he had struck a rather raw nerve. Taken aback, he responded, “Okay” to a chafed Colmes. Even though Briggs then seemed to give him his space and a bit more deference, he continued to ask the tough questions on President Obama’s decisions to not release detainee photographs and to reauthorize military commissions.

Perhaps, Colmes’ departure from H&C was not fully his choice after all.

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One Response to “Colmes: Dave, “Don’t Say That to Me!””

  1. Al Says:

    Alan Colmes may not be the smartest liberal on FNC but he’s certainly no dummy. Like all of his colleagues, he saw the minute-by-minute ratings after every show and was also well aware of the line-up changes going on at his network. My guess is that he saw what was coming and made it his decision. Probably a very smart move.

    Colmes often uses the tactic of answering the question he wants to answer instead of the one asked, and many guests of his old show would take him to task over that.

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