Rick Rocks 2Nite: Aly, Domenica 2morrow?

Sorry, Rick Reichmuth fans, but your favorite Fox & Friends Weekend weatherguy will be off Sunday. According to Rick, even though his birthday is actually next Thursday, the genial gent will be celebrating tonight and, understandably, will be sleeping in tomorrow morning. Happy early birthday, Rick!

For devotees of weatherwoman Domenica Davis, Rick’s usual and probable stand-in tomorrow, you should have four hours to enjoy your Latin lovely. Even though Rick was not able to coax an unusually coy Alisyn Camerota to show off her full-body Thriller moves today, perhaps, tomorrow Domenica will be more successful in getting the “Baby Got Back” dancing queen off the curvy couch to “stand up and gyrate” to the pulsating rhythm of MJ’s megahit.

F&F dancing girls: a sure ratings boost!

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4 Responses to “Rick Rocks 2Nite: Aly, Domenica 2morrow?”

  1. A Twitophile’s Pontification Does Not A Verity Make « Boogiewoogee’s Weblog Says:

    […] 17, 2009 Nope, Janice Dean, not “Latin Lovely” Domenica Davis, is in for the partied-out Rick […]

  2. jakeho Says:

    If only Grechophiles could read. I.e., “Domenica Davis, Rick’s usual and probable stand-in tomorrow”: N.B. the word “probable.”

  3. Hobson Says:

    The “Weather Machine” is always entertaining and upbeat.
    She was rockin’ the casbah this AM, during her WX update.
    Wanna’ bet she is the life of the party after a few glasses of wine?
    A few years ago she actually hosted F&F on x-mas day.

  4. jakeho Says:

    Hobson, the “Dance Machine” does indeed seem ever optimistic and full of life.

    For a Carpe Diem article on her alluring antics this morning, cf. https://jakeho.wordpress.com/2009/05/17/janice-dean-baby-got-back/

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