A.M.: Salsa to Mayo?

Will American Morning return to its blander past? One year ago AM procured Janelle Rodriguez as executive producer (EP) to spice up the morning show co-anchored by stentorian veteran, John Roberts, and his beautiful, much younger colleague, Kiran Chetry: During her tenure, AM has increased its share of the coveted 25-54 demographic 35%. Now CNN is moving Janelle to night-time Campbell Brown to be its EP, and replacing her with AM’s senior broadcasting producer Jamie Kraft as interim EP on June 1.

Can Kraft, an erstwhile producer for CBS Evening News with Dan Rather and for 60 Minutes, keep up the strides that Janelle has made? Or will he revert to the dry fare that American Morning used to dish out to its viewers? Janelle has seasoned AM with a more piquant olla podrida of spontaneity, sexiness, and sass than it’s previous chef. Hopefully, Kraft will not return to a staler, stodgier, and safer menu fit for those who want their news delivered from on high.

Kraft, remember there is more than mayo in the condiment cupboard.




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3 Responses to “A.M.: Salsa to Mayo?”

  1. Karen Rodriguez Says:

    Janelle is my step-daughter and her father and I are very proud of the success she brought to AM within the past year…know she will bring the same success to night- Campbell Brown…Best wished and good luck to Jamie Kraft at AM…

  2. jakeho Says:

    Mrs. Rodriguez, you and your husband have every reason to be proud of Janelle: she has indeed performed admirably on AM. Best wishes to her as she moves on to Campbell Brown!

  3. Kiran: Jump on It! « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] Conversely, could one imagine its juggernaut competitor, Fox & Friends, missing such an opportunity to connect personally with its audience and showcase its co-host? Surely, its hosts, especially, Brian Kilmeade, would have given Kiran all kinds of grief as to how she was injured as their cameraperson took more than a few lingering shots of her gorgeous gams. However, AM executive producer Jamie Kraft seems to have taken the mayo tack to news–all too distinct from the spicier salsa …. […]

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