Mr. U.S.A. Riles Miss America

Fox & Friends co-anchor Gretchen Carlson got her feathers ruffled by Donald Trump this morning. In the Miss USA pageant owner’s first interview (via phone) with F&F since he decided to let Miss California Carrie Prejean keep her crown after the Perez brouhaha, co-host Brian stated that he liked the contestants addressing the issues of the day. After noting that Carrie and other Miss USA competitors were given very tough questions, Trump remarked, “Our pageants are doing fantastically, Miss Universe [and] Miss U.S.A.: And, the Miss America pageant is off network television, off the air, and nobody even knows where it is.”

Taking umbrage at his denigration of her very crowner, the former Miss America animatedly answered, “Wait a minute, Donald; wait a minute. As a former Miss America, let’s be fair and balanced. We are not off national tv: we are on TLC.” Trump scoffed, “What is that?”Gretchen continued, “And, by the way, there are many differences between the programs: There is a talent competition in Miss America and all the money is used for scholarships. So, let’s not get into a war over that. Let’s just keep it all fair and balanced.” Betwixt Gretchen and Miss California on the curvy couch, Brian interjected, “Yeah, especially, Donald, look where I’m sitting!” Ignoring Brian and addressing Gretchen, a chastened yet undeterred Trump responded, “No, it has to be fair and balanced: I agree with that. But, you know, they are not on network television, and there is a difference.”

Laurels to Gretch for defending her realm. However, the Donald is right: It’s a declining one.

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3 Responses to “Mr. U.S.A. Riles Miss America”

  1. Al Says:

    Looks like Miss California will be guest hosting F&F for an hour on May 27.

  2. lilkunta Says:

    Gretchen is right. Miss America is the older competiton and is a scholarship. It has a talent competition.

    Miss Usa/Universe are swimsuit competitions.

    Trump: the only reason that Miss Usa is on tv is bc u made nbc as part of your deal w them showing your stupid show Apprentice.

    Both Miss Usa on nbc & Miss America on TLC get low ratings bc ppl DONT CARE ANYMORE.

  3. Gretchen Pounces: Miss America vs. Miss USA « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] Ironically, almost a year ago to the day (May 13, 2009), the former Miss America (1989) was likewise taking umbrage at Donald Trump’s edgy, upstart which had the temerity to eclipse the one that made her queen. Nevertheless, not only did she rail […]

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