Kiran & Knowles on A.M.?

Waking up to Kiran and Knowles in the morning again? Is a pairing anew of American Morning comely co-host Kiran Chetry and her hubby WPIX meteorologist possible? As Fox & Friends Weekend fans fondly recall, co-anchor Kiran once showed her smart, sassy, sexy side while her secret hubby weatherman Chris Knowles exhibited an understated, personable, and witty nature on the same show

Last Friday, Kiran reminded her F&FW fans and alerted her A.M. audience to the dynamic duo. After guest host Carol Costello had complained earlier to AM meteorologist Rob Marciano about the gloomy day in NYC and he simply answered that, at least, it was a Friday, Kiran delivered good news from her favorite weatherman. Kiran said, “I know a meteorologist who told me that, Carol, it was not dreary out there; it is just the beginnings of some morning fog; [and] it’s going to burn off: There you have it!”

Knowingly, Carol responded, “That one must be brilliant. Who is that brilliant meteorologist?” Kiran laughingly gushed, “He must be genius: He’s my hubby!” [Maybe, not a genius: It did take a certain bathing beauty to help him open his eyes at WICU-TV in Erie, Pennsylvania.]

A sweet shout out to Knowles or a subtle suggestion to CNN (if only as a fill-in for Rob)? Or, maybe, both?

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2 Responses to “Kiran & Knowles on A.M.?”

  1. Bill Says:

    You will never see Kiran n Chris on the same show and the same time slot. Stations don’t like that situation.

  2. caroline Tara Valance Says:

    I was very impressed, that a co-anchor

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