Megyn Kelly: Miss Cali Has Implants

America’s Newsroom co-anchor Megyn Kelly is apparently no fan of Miss USA California, Carrie Prejean. On the O’Reilly Factor tonight, the leggy towhead attorney/journo accused the blonde beauty queen of having “gone rogue” with her post-pageant emphasis on pro traditonal marriage advocacy vis-a-vis her pre-pageant special Olympics emphasis. In response, Bill O’Reilly defended Prejean’s right “to evolve” and to do both, and then Kelly seemed to soft-pedal her position somewhat. However, before her time was up, Kelly appeared to go in for the kill: Decrying the pageant directors for “playing dirty,” she disclosed that they had asserted that Prejean had had breast implants and that they had paid for them.


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7 Responses to “Megyn Kelly: Miss Cali Has Implants”

  1. Al Says:

    I would characterise Ms. Kelly’s statements a bit differently. Sounded to me that she was giving a matter-of-fact synopsis of the positions of all sides along with a straightforward quasi-legal opinion. The breast implant story had already been widely disseminated on cable news channels by the time Ms. Kelly said that on O’Reilly’s show.

  2. jakeho Says:

    Al, I’m not sure how “widely disseminated on cable news” it was. After Megyn’s revelation, O’Reilly himself said, “The breast implant story which I didn’t know anything about…Kelly just dropped that bomb right on me!” As to her opinion, it was merely that: nothing legal or quasi-legal about it.

  3. Al Says:

    Source: MSNBC Entertainment
    Access Hollywood
    updated 9:37 a.m. ET, Thurs., April 30, 2009
    “Pageant official: We paid for Prejean’s implants
    She confirms that group paid for Miss California’s breast enhancement”

    Note the time.

  4. jakeho Says:

    Al, you asserted that it was “widely disseminated on cable news” and then you cited MSNBC. Somewhat oxymoronic, eh?

  5. Al Says:

    Chuckle and laugh. Touché, jake. That was the first hit when I searched. I had heard it on FNC earlier in the day while listening to Sirius radio.

    I also happened to have recorded that Factor segment and just watched it again. No, she was giving a quasi-legal opinion, which is the premise of the “Kelly Files” segment, after all. O’Reilly mucked up the flow of the conversation a bit, but the issue was whether or not the pageant officials had a valid point in their objection to Ms. Prejean becoming an advocate for an issue other than the one she chose prior to winning the Miss California title. Ms. Kelly sided with her at the outset of the controversy but says she’s now likely gone too far… or “gone rogue”. She was also critical of the pageant officials for attacking her all along and “playing dirty”. Fair and balanced.

    Had O’Reilly not interrupted her, I think her overall point was that Miss California has a general obligation to remain non-controversial and the pageant is alleging that she’s become such. They, however, are creating plenty of controversy, themselves.

  6. jakeho Says:

    Al, I’m glad that you appreciated that dig. As to legal or quasi-legal, my point is that Megyn’s opinion was neither: no law, contract, etc. was referenced. However, whether she appealed to logic or common sense is another matter altogether.

  7. Sherrill Pensick Says:

    this is a little off topic but did anyone hear about the show bridalplasty I think everyone is really getting down on this subject and really should take some time into what the show is about, that people want to change their lives and just want to be accepted.

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