F&FW Four Scores

What a difference a year makes. Only one year ago when Dave Briggs joined Fox & Friends Weekend, four whole hours of Fox & Friends Weekend would have been virtually intolerable: yesterday, they were a pleasure. The difference: Alisyn Camerota and her more mature Doublemen Twins.

Last year, FNC SVP of Programming Bill Shine had just defenestrated F&FW’s trusted trio of Page Hopkins, Kelly Wright, and Greg Kelly without warning to the F&FW fan. To make matters worse, he had replaced it with the very callow crew  of Ainsley Earhardt, Clayton Morris, and Dave Briggs. The show was floundering with no leader: Clayton was its clowning camera hog; Dave was its stereotypical sports guy; and Ainsley was its much too sweet, compliant girl in the middle.

Happily, since then, Shine brought back F&FW veteran  Alisyn Camerota to rudder the off-course crew in a more certain direction. Aly has done it admirably: she has helped Clayton to be less silly and more focused and given Dave discipline and confidence. She has taught her wards well, and they seem to be earning her respect and that of the viewers.

Happily, the castrato choir appears to be singing its own dirge.



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7 Responses to “F&FW Four Scores”

  1. M. Davey Says:

    And…lest we forget, there was also Courtney Friel,too. That first day was such a shock and too, too unbearable. We just wailed and moaned and I was pretty loud. I was horrified at Courtney, Ainsley and Clayton most of all and thought Dave pretty dull.

    Everyone had raved about Dave’s handsomeness and all the cleavage of the ladies and said how witty Clayton was.

    They certainly have matured. It didn’t take the guys too long to learn how to act and read scripts, but those girls don’t have it down yet. Just when I think Ainsley is getting better, she starts reading the news and flubs it all up.

    Lets just stick with the three we have and maybe our collective blood pressures will remain low and we can get the news. I just HATE those other channels and their love-fest with the new administration. I don’t have any animosity toward our new president, but they make me want to hate him. So, please Fox, don’t bring anymore new people in for a while.

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