Dave Briggs Cut

According to an announcement by Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Dave Briggs, he was going to be cut: Not from the show but in surgery. Early this morning, he Twittered, “Here’s a new one, going in for apendectomy, should be a hoot! Who needs appendix anyway right?”* It’s somewhat doubtful that he’ll be on F&FW this weekend.**

Get well soon, Dave!




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3 Responses to “Dave Briggs Cut”

  1. lurkerlou Says:

    J$ title had me thinking he was being cut.

    I kind of like Briggs. His personality isn’t that great but he isn’t annoying, he isn’t drinking the kool-aid and I like his interview style where he doesn’t interrupt the guests.

    Get rid of Clayton! Was it someone here that showed us his membership to a left-wing website, then he changing his political affiliation and the eventually deleting his profile?

    He annoying plus I just can’t take him seriously when he’s all buddy buddy to Rove, Coulter etc… bashing Obama and talking like a conservative. It’s got to be fake right?

  2. lurkerlou Says:

    Damn, sorry about all the spelling errors lol….

  3. Al Says:

    In the scheme of things for anchors and co-hosts, I truly do not care where their personal political beliefs are on the spectrum unless those beliefs interfere with me getting balanced information. That is, it’s ok for a journo to argue from a particular perspective if that side of the argument is under-represented.

    I don’t like Clayton Morris, either, but I have watched him challenge guests from both sides of the political divide using opposing arguments so I can’t fault him on that score.

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