Roberts Rues Loss

But which one? Yes, Ashton Kutcher gave Goliath CNN a smack-down early this morning in  its race to become the first to reach one million Twitter followers. However, American Morning’s John Roberts seemed to see the loss as a personal metaphor. After co-anchor Kiran Chetry acknowledged CNN’s defeat, John  put up his hands and said, “Some you lose, and some you lose.”

“Exactly!” rejoined Kiran. John continued, “The story of my life: I lose everything I touch.” Kiran laughed, “We’ll explain more of that in a second: Not that, but the Twitter situation.”

After his Easter weekend in Pensacola with his daughter, was the respected three-time-Emmy-Award-winning veteran journalist lamenting the loss of her mother from whom he split over a year ago? Or has his loss been even more recent? According to TVNewser sorces, Roberts has been seriously dating CNN anchor Kyra Phillips and even took her to his induction into the Canadian Broadcaster Industry Hall of Fame in  Toronto to meet his two children.

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One Response to “Roberts Rues Loss”

  1. Kerry Says:

    Are we supposed to feel sorry for Roberts? Pleeeeez. I never saw the Phillips thing. His girlfriend from Toronto Julie Mcleod is stunning.

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