Huddy Shines: “Welcome Back”

As Fox & Friends co-anchor Gretchen Carlson vacationed again today, the jaunty Juliet Huddy returned as guest host in fine form.  It was the smart, saucy lass’ second appearance since her FOX Morning Show with Mike and Juliet was not renewed. The former F&F Weekend co-host seemed right at home on F&F’s curvy couch.

As usual, Juliet exhibited a remarkable rapport with her co-hosts, correspondents, and audience. Co-anchor Brian Kilmeade was touchy-feely with her as he tested and complimented her knee reflexes and co-host Jayhawk Steve Doocy could not seem to get enough of her fun, flirty banter even as the camera panned away. Reporter Major Garrett revelled in his fellow University of Missouri Tiger’s appearance on F&F and Mike Emanuel gave her a hearty “welcome back to cable!” As to the audience, she was indeed welcome: A delightful reminder of the the devil-may-care attitude of Fox & Friends at its best.

After a protracted period of personnel misfires by FNC’s SVP of Programming Bill Shine, he seems to be finally getting it right. E.g., he kick started a faltering F&F Weekend by bringing veteran Alisyn Camerota back. And, now he is rejuvenating F&F by bringing back another star, Juliet Huddy, as guest host, at least. Good job, Bill!

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6 Responses to “Huddy Shines: “Welcome Back””

  1. Somewhere, In An Alternate Universe… « Boogiewoogee’s Weblog Says:

    […] we’re relieved. She seems like a nice person, but she just doesn’t shut her yap. Ever. We couldn’t stand watching too much this morning, but we have our doubts that everyone who […]

  2. CathyG Says:

    OK Fox, this is one you got right. The chemistry between the three of them is awesome

  3. Al Says:

    Like Alisyn Camerota, Juliet Huddy will have good chemistry with her co-hosts on probably any morning show. FNC surely knows this, but that’s not all there is to their staffing equation and so having her on as a substitute host is likely nothing more than a good utilisation of their contract resources.

  4. IndependentVoter Says:

    Juliet is a true professional. Sharp, enthusiastic, engaging, and great chemistry with co-anchors. She deserves a scheduled spot on Fox News. Don’t get rid of Alisyn, either, she has the same qualities. I suggest a Friday edition of F&F with Juliet to enter the weekend mode, maybe with some special features.

  5. Allknowing Says:

    Ahem, Love Alisyn. Am I missing something, “Juliet as an asset” ? Nice assets but nothing else. Keep Alisyn. Honor Juliet’s contract? Sure. Next get rid of her! Morning show with M& J bad idea! Yes. Juliet true professional, who is writing this stuff? I assume a gal pal of Juliet.

  6. So, How’s That Working Out For You? « Boogiewoogee’s Weblog Says:

    […] 12, 2010 For a while last year, Jake was riding his Juliet-Huddy-as-a-Star hobby horse (Huddy Shines: “Welcome Back”), crowing about how she’s a rising star now that she’s back at Fox News. So, […]

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