F&FW Back on Course?

No gratuitous groping, no scandalous shots, and nothing overtly outrageous. Yet, it still clicked! Nothing remarkable about Fox & Friends Weekend today but that may be the very reason it was.

F&FW has come a long way indeed since FNC SVP of Programming Bill Shine first threw Page Hopkins, Kelly Wright, and Greg Kelly overboard without warning F&F fans and replaced them with the very callow crew of Ainsley Earhardt, Dave Briggs, and Clayton Morris. The ensuing very rough ride on the ill-fated excursion precipitated the necessary mid-voyage conscription of captain and co-anchor Alisyn Camerota. Under her nurturing leadership, her co-hosts Dave Briggs and Clayton Morris have begun to evolve into more mature mateys.

For example, today when Dave was called Steve [Doocy] at the end of an interview by a guest, he did not bristle as a young buck normally might. Rather, he took it in good humor and then segued to an upcoming Clayton Morris interview with Stevie Nicks by referring to Clayton as Brian [Kilmeade]. Not surprisingly, Aly seamlessly joined in by addressing Dave as “Steve” and exclusively calling Clayton “Brian” throughout the tease. I.e., no worries: it’s all good!

F&FW appears back on course.

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6 Responses to “F&FW Back on Course?”

  1. Santino III Says:

    “Dave Briggs and Clayton Morris have begun to evolve into more mature mateys.”

    More mature? Like what… from 12-year-olds to 13? Clayton is the most obnoxious self-centered idiot I have ever witnessed. His talent level and personality qualify him for those 2 – 4 am infomercials (“paid-programming”) and nothing more. Dave… just plain unappealing… uninteresting… and so on. I no longer make an effort to watch the show even though I love Alisyn’s wit and charm. It’s just too aggravating/irritating to watch with those two morons on the couch. (And I am truly a very reasonable and understanding person… really!)

  2. CathyG Says:

    Let’s look back at the F&FW year. It began when some high up at Fox decided the start of the most intriguing presidential election in years was a good time to remove two experienced political reporters from what is the first live news show of the day and replace them with a sports guy and someone who is apparently a tech expert. At the same time they replace a smart, sassy female anchor with an attractive newsreader. We now had three patently inexperienced “news anchors” and a show that flounders badly. What was that guy trying to prove? And to whom?

    Part way through the year Ali is re-introduced and some parts of the show started improving but it still has a way to go. Swapping Clayton for a more mature and experienced anchor would seem one obvious solution.

    Being laid back is one thing but crossing the line into juvenile territory is another. It is intensely disconcerting when in one minute we’re talking about a father who’s killed himself and his five children and the next it’s “Hug an Anchor Day”. That segment was pointless and juvenile. As it started happening the thought crossed my mind that I couldn’t imagine Steve Doocy or Kelly Wright taking part in this and changed channels.

  3. Gayle Says:

    Dave Briggs and Clayton Morris are no Steve and Brian nor will they ever be! Steve and Brian have more class in their little toe than these wimps could ever hope for!

  4. Al Says:

    Before the not-so-brights decided to dump the experienced hosts for a younger crew my household had F&FW showing on two tellys every weekend (which means they also captured the younger audience here) and it was dvr’d when we couldn’t watch it. Now I’m the only one who watches, and that’s not very often.

    So I guess Alisyn Camerota may have put the show back on track, but the train still can’t chug-a-lug up the hill with Clayton Morris on board.

  5. Rose Says:

    As everyone knows- the show is produced- and the anchors are not responsible for all content. They may have some input- but I like the fun on weekends…

  6. Pete: Tucker’s Heir? | Carpe Diem Says:

    […] and his seeming co-host Abby Huntsman. Perhaps, the F&FW suits have learned from the time they awkwardly replaced Fox & Friends co-anchors Page Hopkins, Kelly Wright, and Greg Kelly with Ainsley Earhardt, […]

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