O’Reilly’s Cultural War Pinups?

Last night “Top Chef” host Padma Lakshmi’s sexy new Hardee’s ad had Bill O’Reilly, Margaret Hoover, and Monica Crowley all heated up in the Cultural Warrior segment. As O’Reilly questioned his two blonde battle babes about the appropriateness of the commercial for children, he also wondered aloud whether Margaret ever ate a burger like that.

For the reader who has not seen the ad, the Indian actress and model coos about how the Western Bacon [Thickburger] reminds her of sneaking out in high school before dinner to “savor that sweet spicy sauce, leaving no evidence behind.” As she does so, she hikes up her short skirt, lustfully puts a large piece of bacon in her mouth while spilling its sauce on her bare leg, wipes it up with her middle finger, and lovingly licks it clean.*

In response to O’Reilly’s randy query, Margaret teased that if he were lucky he might see her do it. Monica saucily added that he might get to see them do it together. Maybe, not for children but, apparently, for O’Reilly and his Cultural Warriors.

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