Megyn & Ken N HD

On the second day of America’s Newroom HD, co-host Bill Hemmer asked, “How do we look in HD?” after watching a Politico clip of Family Guy where the Fox News anchor hottie becomes a nottie after the switch to HD. Co-anchor Megyn Kelly interjected, “I don’t know who thought of HD but it definitely was not somebody who was an on-camera person: It was some sadistic person who just wanted to torture us!” Moreover, she modestly remarked, “Must you have the anchors in HD? The soft blur is so much more forgiving.”

For the self-proclaimed Ken and Barbie, the change has been good. Like the boy doll, Bill is handsome and a good accessory. Like America’s Bild Lilli, Megyn is the busty, bronzed blonde with gams galore and perfect hair: HD has tortured neither.

No worries, Megyn: No forgiving needed.

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One Response to “Megyn & Ken N HD”

  1. Foxfan4life Says:

    Hi, Bill and Megyn. There is a double standard with the racial situation, Jaime fox should be fired! It seems that now Hussein is in office, God help us! the blacks think they can say and do what they want. Imus got in trouble and didn’t say half of what Fox said. They should shut his radio show down. Plus those women Imus was talking about they were over 18 yrs. It’s scary, and for the record I’m Mexican American born and raised.

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