Kiran’s “Gams”: Leno Looking?

Jay Leno revealed that he notices American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry’s gorgeous gams. In his monologue, as he set up a joke about an AM shot looking like two guys hitting on babes in a bar, he aired footage of AM. On screen in the foreground were towheaded Christine Romans and auburn-locked Kiran Chetry, and in the background were two male pundits.

Leno remarked, “I was watching CNN the other day and they tried something new by putting two sets of news anchors in the same shot: Look at this.” He asked, “Doesn’t that look like two guys at an airport bar getting ready to hit on two other [sic] chicks. Hey, Bob,…I’m going to go for the blonde. Jim, you take the brunette: Whoo! Look at the gams on that one. Yeah!”*

You should be proud, Chris! Not only do Fox & Friends fans and AM aficionados appreciate your lovely’s legs but also the current king of late night, Jay Leno. Of course, as to Leno’s allusion to the obvious, kudos, Kiran!

*AM (Tonight Show clip) – 6:06 a.m. ET

Update 1: Jay Leno Show: Jay noticed “Kiran’s” legs again and exposed John’s “foot fetish.”

Update 2: Jay Leno Show: After Kiran complained that Jay’s footage did not include her real legs, Jay took another peek at “Kiran’s” hairy stems. Then Kiran responded with a closeup of her lovely legs (and a pink lipstick kiss).

Update 3: Jay Leno Show: Jay apologized for  doctored footage and “really” showed Kiran’s gams–all three of them. Jay’s gaffes: He called her Kyra not once, but twice. (Kyra Phillips is a CNN anchor reported to be co-anchor John Roberts’ off-air partner.)

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17 Responses to “Kiran’s “Gams”: Leno Looking?”

  1. Tom B. Says:

    I think you need a break, Jake. You’re becoming delusional. Leno was joking about the conversations guys have while hitting on chicks at a bar; he wasn’t specifically referencing Kiran’s or Christine’s gams. I seriously doubt he awakens at 3:00 am to watch CNN.

  2. jakeho Says:

    Tom B., perhaps, you should watch the segment or view it again.

  3. Tom B. Says:

    Jakeho, I did. I guess we perceive it differently. No big.

  4. Hobson Says:

    Dave Letterman’s top 10 reasons to watch Fox News instead of CNN.
    10. Gretchen Carlson has doubled F&F’s ratings since replacing ED Hill.
    American Morning has worse ratings than Morning Express &
    Morning Joe.

    9. Saucy redhead Jenna Lee reads stock tips on FBN.
    Snooty bald head Ali Velshi reads tea leaves on CNN.

    8. Mike & Juliet demonstrate tantric sex in the Pundit Pit.
    Wolf Blitzer & Candy Crowley kibitz in the Situation room.

    7. Steve Doofus & Brian Kiljoy smirk & make silly faces on F&F.
    John Roberts dozes off daydreaming about Kyra Phillips.

    6, Domenica Davis & The Weather Machine
    Jackie Jeras & Bonnie Schneider…(PUSH)

    5. Fox runs “Got M**F” ads starring Jamie Colby
    Robin Meade salutes’ the troops.

    4. Gretchen Carlson is a sweet , innocent girl from Minnesota.
    That right wing commie b***h Kiran was born in friggin’ Nepal!

    3. Martha Macallum gives you a sneak peak beneath The Live Desk.
    Christie Paul sings the anthem at Braves games.

    2. Julie Banderas anchors The Fox report on weekends.
    CNN airs reruns of Reliable Sources with Howard Kurtz.

    1. Fox has a bevy of beauties exploiting their sexuality 24/7.
    Heidi Collins smiles & crosses her legs every 28 days.

  5. Piperfromtn Says:

    Tom B.: Newsflash for you pal: since Leno needs to keep up with what is going on, the possibility exists that he uses tivo/DVR in order to make up the material (or at least his writers do). Some out there are indeed fascinated with the gammy legs of Ms. Chetry.

  6. Tom B. Says:

    Piper, of course his staff keeps up with the news; that’s how they got the footage. I figured that out. My main point was that I doubt if Leno was specifically commenting on the anchors’ legs. He was doing an imitation of a couple of guys at a bar. The 3:00am comment, while probably true, was used more for effect.

  7. josienyc123 Says:

    granted leno has a foot fetish but im not really sure he was referring to chetry but who knows

  8. Santino III Says:

    It was a generic comment for a very generic scene which happened to include some very generic legs.

  9. Tom B. Says:

    I wish to apologize to Jake for referring to him as delusional. It was obviously facetious. Most of his “pleasant musings” make my day! I love this site!

  10. jakeho Says:

    No worries, Tom B. I’m glad that you enjoy the site and that you are an active participant in the discussions.

  11. Tom B. Says:

    Gracious as always, Jake. Thank You.

    (I’ll call you Jake, so does Kiran!=)”

  12. Piperfromtn Says:

    Tom B:

    Sorry, I misunderstood your post.


    Did Kiran mention you on air?

  13. jakeho Says:

    Piper, yes, but I believe that Tom B. was referring to her “Tweeting.”

  14. Tom B. Says:

    No problemmo, Piper. Please feel free to rip into my idiotic posts. I can handle it.

    Jake: You’re right, I was referring to her “tweet”. But, she mentioned you on the air? Please expand….no, don’t just take a deep breath and spread your arms.

  15. jakeho Says:

    Just in reference to various submissions of mine during her F&F days, e.g., a book win.

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