AM’s Mistress Lola

“L-o-l-a!” If you subconsciously heard the strains of the Kinks’ “Lola” as you watched the “Jobless Men” segment by America Morning correspondent Lola Ugunnaike, you might be forgiven. That is, if Mistress Lola says so. Normally, she probably would but today seemed to be different. After her report on the emasculation of men who had lost their jobs, Lola sternly declared, “Women are supposed to be sensitive, understanding, but you also have to hold your man accountable. Men cannot get away with just sitting around at home while these women are out in the workplace busting their tail and the house is in shambles; it can’t happen; and [t]here has to be a redistribution of power in the household.”

AM co-host Kiran Chetry facetiously opined, “That’s what they want to hear….You already lost your job: Now scrub the toilets.” Chiming in, co-anchor Christine Romans agreed, “Yeah, exactly!” With her tongue firmly in cheek, Lola laughed, “Yeah, that’s what they want to hear.”

A kinder Kiran added, “Give a guy a break, too, though! Don’t try to blame him for losing his job or say, ‘You’re not trying hard enough to find a new one.” Concurring, Christine interjected, “Yeah, that’s not going to help!” However, Lola persisted, “Don’t beat him up but you do have to hold him accountable. He can’t be playing Wii or Nintendo all day long and not helping around the house if he doesn’t have a job. Come on!” As the segment concluded, Kiran keenly commented, “See Lola’s husband is out of town so she can say whatever she wants.”

In AM’s penultimate “Road to Recovery” segment, was Mistress Lola trying to stimulate the American economy? If so, success may be limited to certain enclaves in the country. However, she was probably much more successful accross the Pond.

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2 Responses to “AM’s Mistress Lola”

  1. Tom B. Says:

    Didn’t Bawbwa and Whoopi chime in?

  2. hgb3 Says:

    Once again, J, I must submit that THESE are the good old days. Example: in the old days when you were castrated (or ’emasculated’), they took a big old Bowie knife and cut both testicles clean away. Lot of blood and tears. Hurt aplenty. No morphine and only a little quinine.

    Now, however, they give you a ‘pink slip’ in a well lighted office and call it a ‘layoff.’ Hurts a little, but only in a ‘psychological’ type of way.

    Well, now I’ll tell you what, ladies and gentlemen, I’ll take the modern way any old day.

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