Doocy: CNN “Communist News Network”

Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy took a sharp shot at rival CNN today while reporting the election of former CNN correspondent Mauricio Funes as president of El Salvador. Doocy declared, “Here’s a story that you’re not going to see on CNN: An ex-CNN reporter…Mauricio Funes…he’s from a party down in El Salvador that is essentially the Communist Party.”

Guest co-anchor Peter Johnson, Jr. elaborated, “The FMLN, the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front, which, allegedly, has ties to strongman Cesar [sic] Chavez.” After correcting Johnson’s verbal gaffe (i.e., mistaking the Mexican American agrarian labor leader for the Venezuelan President), Doocy sniped, “I wonder if he’s on just a leave of absence from CNN: Which given his political inklings CNN officially now could stand for the Communist News Network.”


N.B. In the past, Doocy has made similar stinging swings at news competitors MSNBC and NBC. He has dubbed MSDNC and NBC the National Barack Channel. Doocy, ready to rumble!


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2 Responses to “Doocy: CNN “Communist News Network””

  1. Kep Says:

    It’s interesting just how much news anchors attack the competition. Greta and Bill Hemmer have had unkind words for their former network CNN. Keith Olbermann is constantly lashing out at Bill O’Reilly and Fox News. Rick Sanchez likes throwing mud at Fox News. And here’s an interesting tidbit from year’s past-Back during those terrible Fox days, Kiran Chetry once complained about only having very limited news coverage to choose from during a vacation to Mexico, one of those being CNN International. So, she was at Fox then, pretended she loved it, seemed put out by having to stomach CNN International during her vacation. But what about now? I doubt she holds such disdain for that Communist News Network these days! Somehow I’m thinking that Doocy probably said that for Kiran’s benefit. The two never got along, and now we know why!

  2. Hobson Says:

    Doofus is a buffoon.
    He’s a middle aged hack smirking and making silly faces into the camera like an adolescent class clown.
    I suspect Gretchen loathes him as well as that other twit Killjoy, he’s a pathetic troll and a jock sniffing wannabe’.

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