“John & Kiran”: Sexist?

“John and Kiran”: Sexist AM sign-off? Sounds silly, eh? Perhaps: Perhaps not. The recently standard segue of American Morning correspondents (when they do not know which co-anchor is following them) always seemed somewhat strange to the author: Why did not the reporters change the order on occasion? A possible explanation seemed to be that the obviously more senior co-anchor was being given greater honor.

However, when guest host Rob Marciano Thursday and Friday substituted for John, the invariable reporters’ au revoir seemed to manifest more a sexist tinct. Even though Carol Costello concluded her report with “Kiran, Rob” (according more accolades to Kiran, the permanent co-host), the other correspondents concluded their reports with “Rob and Kiran” as if it were “male and Kiran.”

Does the author think that American Morning’s reporters are intentionally sexist? Absolutely not. However, in the future, it would be helpful if AM executive producer Janelle Rodriguez were to have them alternate the names so as to not indicate otherwise.

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2 Responses to ““John & Kiran”: Sexist?”

  1. Al Says:

    You’re right, but I don’t think it is a result of sexism. It is a linguistic and cultural bias of familiarity. If “Mary” is your sister and “George” her husband, you would likely refer to their home informally as “Mary’s” or “Mary and George’s” by default. Same would be true if “Mary” was your close friend, but if you only knew them by acquaintance as a couple then your default would likely be, “George and Mary’s”.

    Formally, however, the usual form is to always place the man’s name first We say, “Mr. and Mrs” but never, “Mrs. and Mr.” Doesn’t “Mrs. and Mr.” sound incredibly awkward to your ear? If the EP wanted them to mix that up they would need some performance training in order to keep it from sounding contrived or unnatural.

  2. hgb3 Says:

    1. “John & Kiran” is indeed SEXIST since the name of John (the male) is unforgivably preceding the name of Kiran (the female).

    2. “Kiran & John” is likewise AGEIST since the name of Kiran (the younger) is unconscionably preceding the name of John (the elder).

    3. “Those two” is likewise CLASSIST since it seems to suggest the privileged class (us consumer/viewers) objectifying the two hosts (the producer/hosts)

    4. “The others” is also RACIST, HOMOPHOBIC, and IMPERIALIST since it could conceivably denote a lack of tolerance for those spoken of.

    THEREFORE, the proper thing to do is: absolute silence as Roberts and Chetry waltz off the set.

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