Roberts: Back to Canada

American Morning’s John Roberts is heading back to Canada. No, Jonathan Klein has not given him his walking papers: Rather, Kiran Chetry’s “nemesis” is to be inducted into the Broadcast Industry Hall of Fame tomorrow during Canadian Music Week. JD, famed former MuchMusic veejay (as well as top-40 CHUM radio show host, music news show CITY-TV’s CityPulse anchor, etc.) will be feted at the annual Canadian Music Industry Awards shindig reception.

Congrats, John!

Worry not, Roberts fans: your guy is scheduled to return to AM bright and early Monday morning.

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20 Responses to “Roberts: Back to Canada”

  1. Kerry Says:

    Maybe the Canadian girlfriend will be by his side .

  2. kh Says:

    roberts should be inducted into the clown hall of fame not the broadcasters hall of fame

  3. Kerry Says:

    That is funny.!

    I’m sure this award will be great for his ego.

  4. Beth Says:

    Do you have something against Roberts? Your comments are kind of personal.

  5. Kerry Says:

    really? Just observations.

  6. Kerry Says:

    Yeah I know some personal. He’s not that private.

  7. lesskiran Says:

    ya’ll all just sound jealous to me. Quite worrying about his girlfriends and worry about your own life.
    I say congratulations to him. He has done quite well for himself. I’m proud to be a fan of his since his very early days on CBS.

  8. Kerry Says:

    just having fun.

  9. Tom B. Says:

    Congrats to JD indeed. But hey, “lesskiran”, I find it quite ironic that a someone with a handle of “lesskiran” finds it fitting to accuse someone else of being jealous. Your last comment about Kiran being plastic was rather brutal and personal as well. I’ve been critical of both, but to accuse others of being jealous of JR’s girlfriends given your comments is quite telling, especially in light of your attacks on Kiran.

  10. kh Says:

    jealous what are you kidding me hes still a clown

  11. lesskiran Says:

    Tom B, I’m not jealous of Kiran except for the fact that she sits next to him every morning. I should be so lucky that my work co-hort next to me is that handsome. My reason for my handle is that she is not a good reporter/teleprompter reader/interviewer. There are other female reporters on CNN that are much better. Kyra, Carol, Erica Hill just to name a few that are much better at what they do. Therefore, I would like to see less Kiran. And yes, her laugh and smile are plastic…….they just don’t sound or look genuine.

  12. Kep Says:

    lesskiran, In reference to your comments about Kiran being plastic and fake, I’d like to suggest that maybe she’s in the wrong profession. She needs to go work for some women’s group, feminist organization, like a Planned Parenthood or Emily’s List type of thing. She has always looked and acted like that type. She was a quick grab for CNN, but at the end of the day, she’s stuck. AM is the only show they’ll ever let her do, and after another year or two, they’ll either not re-sign her or she’ll be relegated to doing those little filler type reports about silly stuff. John Roberts, on the other hand, could host any show on the network, plus go around the world to do some reporting.

  13. Tom B. Says:

    “John Roberts, on the other hand, could host any show on the network, plus go around the world to do some reporting.”

    I agree he could, Kep. He is accomplished and is at the top of his profession. I actually think he is a good guy, and after seeing him interviewed by the locals up in Canada I find him to be quite engaging as well. But you know as well as I he would be as biased as hell while doing it. This guy is the epitome of “liberal elite”. I’m sure he is as pro-abortion as you believe Kiran to be. If you’re gonna jump on Kiran’s case, you might as well jump on his case as well.

  14. Kep Says:

    Oh, I agree about Roberts. He’s biased as well, but he’s also got a lot of experience and is willing to do some heavy lifting when it comes to investigating and reporting. He’s paid his dues in the industry as far as I’m concerned. I may not like the way he does his reporting, but at least he’s probably earning that six or seven figure income that he’s no doubt getting at CNN. Okay, okay, Roberts would make a good Planned Parenthood advocate as well, but it’s just that you usually don’t see men in that position. The truth be known, you have to be a pro-abortion type person to work in the newsrooms today. You ain’t going to get anywhere if you aren’t.

  15. jakeho Says:

    Kep, what is your real beef with Kiran then (even if your allegation about Kiran’s view of abortion were correct)?

  16. Kep Says:

    My beef? I just don’t find animal hugging/pro-abortion women to be attractive people. And then there’s the grabby, demand to have it my way fiasco at Fox News. Seems a bit self important. She has talent to some degree, but not enough to overshadow all of this. No class. She should have taken some lessons from fellow Fox Newser Lauren Green while she worked there. Now, there’s a classy woman! And pro-life to boot!

  17. jakeho Says:

    “The truth be known, you have to be a pro-abortion type person to work in the newsrooms today. You ain’t going to get anywhere if you aren’t.”

    Kep, even if Kiran believes what you claim as to abortion, why do you give others a pass and come down so hard on Kiran? I’ve never heard heard her take a stand on abortion or PETA. Have you? If so, when, and what did she say?

  18. Kep Says:

    Back in the Fox News days, Chetry was visibly and vocally upset when then co-host Mike Jerrick handled a live lobster, holding it up for the viewing audience. Chetry remarked that she thought it was cruel to cause the lobster pain and discomfort by doing this. Another one of her moments was her outrage about a poor bird that had a dart lodged in its wing, and the fact that there was apparently a delay in the removal of the object. Or how about walking around NYC with an injured bird, desperately trying to find a place that would take it in? Sounds like someone who really places animals in very high regard.

    Abortion? Well, let’s see. I recall the time Chetry laughed at Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito’s mother for telling reporters, when they inquired, that her son was pro-life. And her grilling of Candidate John McCain as to why so few Republicans support Roe V Wade is another example. Has she ever asked a Democrat about why they support the baby killing industry so much? Not a peep out of her on that.

    When I see people freak out about animal abuse and then give all the signals that they have no problem with the killing of innocent and defenseless human beings, then that leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. No doubt 99% of the women in today’s newsrooms are all the same, but as a longtime viewer of Fox, I noticed what seemed to be a glaring hypocrisy concerning Chetry. The way I see it, if you don’t mind the baby parts being thrown into the trash can, don’t whine and moan about the poor lobsters and birds.

  19. jakeho Says:

    As to your examples of Kiran’s alleged position on abortion, they seem weak at best. First, she may well have chuckled at the political naivete of Alito’s mom in her candor as opposed to Alito’s actual stand on the matter. Second, morphing a journalist’s query into her view on the issue at hand seems a mite questionable.

    With regard to Kiran’s compassion for animals, why would you see that as a negative? When a sparrow falls, shouldn’t all creatures take note? As to meat to eat, Kiran is no extremist: it’s well known that she loves a good steak.

    With all of the CNN journalists that seem to adhere to the positions you cite, it seems strange that you only attack Kiran.

  20. Kep Says:

    I call it like I see it. In my opinion, what she says and who she chooses to target with tough questions gives her away. She could choose to not laugh at pro-lifers, and she could also choose to ask abortion supporters why they are so bent on their barbarism and selfishness. Balance. Not a thing wrong with it.

    Chetry is certainly not the only liberal feminist in tv news, but her over the top expression of compassion for things that don’t come close to the value of human life seems a tad hypocritical. How about valuing both, with unborn children being of greater importance? It’s really a simple argument I am making.

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